Captain Rhubarb

Monday, November 20, 2017

Z-Token Equipment Price Reduction

Z-Token Item Price Changes

Over the past eleven years the buying price of Z-Tokens (game premium currency) in AdventureQuest has steadily increased.  Everyone agrees that the prices have gotten too high!

We finally lowered the price of Z-Token equipment items! If you bought an item during 2017 (and still have that item) your character will receive an automatic refund on the difference in price.


Weapon/Armor/Shield/Spell/Pet/Misc Update

  • Reduced shop prices of all Z-Token equipment items. Between 25% and 60% off older prices.
  • Automatic Z-Token refund to all items bought (and not yet sold) during 2017.  The refund is difference between old and new price.  Z-Tokens will automatically be added to your characters.
  • Older items maintain their original price, and keep their 50% sell-back value.
  • Brand new purchased items will have the normal 90% sell-back for 48 hours.
  • After 48 hours, the sell-back amount is 25% of purchased value.

Character Page Update

  • Items that are officially tagged in the game database as "RARE" will now appear in BOLD text
  • A little tiny blue diamond will now appear next to Z-Token items purchased before Jan 1, 2017 to signify that the item was bought before the big price change.

House Update

  • House BUY Prices will be reduced by 25%
  • The daily House SELL price increase will be changed to 1% increase in sell-back value every 2 weeks.

Shared Vault Update

  • Store Z-Token currency and share between the characters on your game account.
  • Store RARE gold items and Z-Token items.


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