Some of the Quests in AQ

Down on the farm!

Seahawk is a quiet farmer who dreams of learning magic. But he picks the wrong teacher in Zorbak, the ebil little Moglin dark mage. You need to keep Seahawk from unleashing a plague of mutant zombie vegetables on the world!

Fairwind Spring

Find the magical Fairwind Spring on the Travel map. There, you will discover new NPCs, places to explore, monsters and more, including the hidden mines where you can search for the ultra-rare creatures called Koofu!

Jagged Peaks

Go South on the Travel map to Jagged Peaks, and search the Groggle nests for new rare weapons!

Dragonclaw Island

Go South on the Travel map to Dragonclaw Island, where the archmage Beleqwaya shows you the way to a mysterious tower hidden in a dense and deadly shroud of red fog! Here you will face a danger unlike any other. And if you survive, great power can be yours!

The Vampire / Werewolf War!

Visit the forest of Darkovia to join the war on either Queen Safiria's Vampire realm or the lycanthropic legions of the Werewolf King. Resources are scarce in Darkovia, and only one side will remain when the war ends.

Monster Challenge

Talk to Nimrod in the Guardian Tower to take on a new monster challenge! Defeat the challenge in several different ways to get some awesome weapons.

The mysterious crater

Travel to the East on the map and explore the Crater. Here you will meet the fire-tempered Mercuria and learn of new wonders awaiting you...


Our tribute to the online gaming phenomenon known as Leeroy Jenkins. Join Leeroy in this quest at Vamprook Spyre and beware-- he will undoubtedly cause more trouble than he's worth.

Custom Weapon Crafting

Available in the Guardian Tower War Room, you can now quest to find various pieces of weapons and have Yulgar forge them into a custom weapon for you-- which takes on your own name! Guardian-only.

The Spell Scrolls

Travel to Varrinsqu Keep to the southwest to quest for the Archmage Warlic. You will find 8 spell scrolls lost to the ages...the proper combinations of which will teach you some of the strongest spells in the land.

The Truphma Saga

Multiverse Librarian and Loreian teacher Eukara Vox had hoped to finish her training on Lore without any problems. The Truphma, on the other hand, had other ideas. Help the Guardian of Creativity and Imagination fight off the Truphma, a race of people bent on ridding the universe of all that is bright and beautiful. Seek out Robina, she knows the way...

The Chessmaster Saga

The mysterious Numbered Beasts are finally stepping out of the shadows. What is their goal? What do they want with the Prime Orbs? And why does it feel like events are moving them like pieces on a chessboard? Get to the bottom of this mystery in the Chessmaster Saga.

City of Deren

Imagine the seat of tranquility, where elegance reigns and art transcends time and space. The peacefulness tugs at the weary Adventurer's heart, tempting him or her to settle for a night's rest and let the burdens of the world be set aside. Don't rest too long... adventure is just step away.

And Many More!!!