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AdventureQuest News

Thursday, January 27, 2022

NEW! Z-Token Package Bonus Trio + Guardie Pet

12K Shadowrend Armaments Z-Token Package:
A Virophage is the ultimate weapon of the ShadowScythe. Not the most destructive, but the one that ensures their unity by consuming any rogue spirits that defy their tyrannical rule. They're not lightly released, for fear of what secrets might be exposed, what new weapons might be forged, if someone were to defeat them... And you have done just that.

new rpg game release adventure quest

12K Heartcrusher Armaments and 6K Spirit of Love Z-Token Packages Return:
Heart Crusher Mace is filled with the fiery passion of love! Swap between Melee, Magic and Ranged Fire damage - with a special attack to control your enemy's hearts. The Heart Defender Shield defends against Fire attacks, and can bolster your fighting spirit by restoring your SP when you block attacks! Grab this incredible gear while you can as it will only be available until March!

Spirit of Love is an ethereal charm that will boost your passion for combat! It normally gives +10% gold from battles when in your active inventory (top 8 misc item slots), and a +25% gold boost during February!

new rpg game release adventure quest


Aria's Pet Shop - Guardie:
Daimyo's ancient ancestor is here and ready to fight! He can attack with Flame Charge for basic Fire damage, or you can spend SP to charge him with Extreme Speed to attack and Burn your foe!

Friday, January 21, 2022

NEW! Shop and Attack Menu Updates

Update Week:
What better way to start the new year than with massive updates and improvements to AQ!

new rpg game release adventure quest

Shop Updates:


  • New menu layout replaces the old menu tree.
  • More defined areas to better indicate interaction around the shop.
  • Updated visuals to display Gold and Z-Tokens in player's inventory.
  • Updated vendor display to indicate when players are buying items, in their inventory, or Shared Vault.
  • Added a new search function. (Click on the magnifying glass icon or type on your keyboard to open the search bar. Close the search bar with the X button or hit Esc.)
  • Item names that are longer than the button will scroll to the right when hovered over.

    Buying Items:
  • Sub-menu for House Items to display Paintings, Guards, and Resources separately.
  • New ui to display an item's Description, Preview, and Stats.*
  • Expanded previews to include most items.*

  • New Drag and Drop sorting for items.** (Drag an item between 2 spots in the menu to move the item to that location, or hold your item over another spot to swap places.)
  • Added a glowing visual for items in player's active inventory.
  • New ui for purchasing Extra Slots. Extra slots can now be purchased in any of player's available quantity.
  • Updated Buying/Selling confirmation now includes the item's name as well as Gold or Z-Token icons to indicate the currency.

    Attack Menu Update:
  • A Dismiss Guest has been added to the top of the Spells menu. This button is only visible if you have a Guest out.

    *Previewing and Stats work for a lot of items, but due to so many variations in item size, position, and function - previews and stats will not display for all items.

    **No-drop equipment cannot be moved.

  • Classes & Subraces

    Master class armors to gain unique skills. Gain new powers by choosing a subrace. Vampire, Lycan, and more!

    Gear & Equipment

    25000+ weapons, armors, spells, pets, and more to collect. Unlock new items and rewards as you level up!

    Housing & Estates

    Buy a home to generate resources. Gain estate bonuses. Raise an army + send it into battle.

    Visit our store to update your account and become a Guardian or buy Z-Tokens for exclusive equipment!

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