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AdventureQuest News

Tuesday, May 28, 2024


The Rubicon March Part I - The Gathering Flame:
AQ's epic 2024 summer event kicks off with part 1 of the Rubicon March! After making a terrible sacrifice to save your friends, the time to pay the cost has arrived. See how a divinely appointed army is gathered, burdened with glorious purpose!

new rpg game release adventure quest


50K Z-Token Package - Sovereign's Reign Set:
AdventureQuest's ancient "King's Reign" set is reborn as "Sovereign's Reign". Prepare to ascend your throne with new updates, including an array of Melee, Magic, and Ranged weapons, and crown yourself with four majestic helms.

new rpg game release adventure quest


Mythical Warrior Armor Raffle Contest Begins May 31st:
Get ready for a golden opportunity to claim your own Mythical Warrior Armor! We're holding another special raffle contest, where 250 lucky winners will be awarded with this legendary gear. Every day you log in, you'll automatically receive one entry into the raffle. But that's not all – our dedicated Guardians will earn double entries, with two chances per day, while X-Guardians will be granted three entries daily! Players who log in every day during the contest period will be rewarded with a massive 100 bonus entries, increasing their chances of emerging victorious.

The previous 25 winners of this coveted armor will be bestowed with a legendary tag, adding an extra layer of prestige for their armor. The contest ends on Sunday, June 30th, with prizes being awarded on the following Monday, July 1st.

new rpg game release adventure quest

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

NEW! The Devourer Saga Update + Memorial Holiday Boosts & House Guard Sale

The Devourer Saga Chapter 2 Update - Battle for the Salvation Weapons:
We continue the ongoing project of updating one of Falerin's greatest legends - The Devourer Saga! Adding new challenges with updated tiers and rewards along the way. Tricked by the nightmarish Epheel into believing the Huntress was an enemy, we now know she's our ally. Together, we've found a clue to a legendary hidden weapons cache that can harm the Devourer's agents. Your next destination: the floating haven of Isle d'Oriens.

new rpg game release adventure quest

Memorial Holiday Boosts & House Guard Sale:
Fortify your defenses with an epic 25% discount on House Guards, safeguarding your domain from threats near and far. Battle your way to victory with a 25% Gold and XP boost from battles! But that's not all -- make sure you stop by the Memorial Shop and grab your Memorial Shield and house painting. Filled with the fiery fighting spirit of all the brave heroes that have fallen throughout history.

new rpg game release adventure quest

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