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AdventureQuest News

Thursday, September 28, 2023

NEW! Knight Script Updates Continue + New and Returning Z-Token Package Bonuses

Advanced Pria Knight Class & Tournament of Knights Script Overhaul:
Unleash the true essence of chivalry and embark on a reimagined journey as the massive scripts for the Knight class plus the tournament continue their exciting rewrites! A renewed legend begins, noble Knights!

This next update covers the Advanced Pria Knight Class Training and Tournament of Knights. The scripts involve major character arcs and include pivotal events in the game's history that diverges from the current established lore, leading to confusion among players and compromising the game's narrative integrity. Through a thorough reevaluation of these scripts, Lorekeeper aims to create a more coherent and engaging storyline that respects the lore's continuity. We appreciate the ongoing support of our community as we strive to enhance the game's lore and deliver a truly epic gaming adventure!

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12K Z-Token Package - Devil Geiger Armor:
Unlock the power of the abyss with this exclusive Z-Token package bonus! Harness the incendiary might of the Devil Geiger, scorching your foes and forging a path of devastation wherever you tread. Embrace the inferno and let your adversaries feel the searing power of your fiery descent!

new rpg game release adventure quest

50K Z-Token Package - Zombie Hunter Set Returns:
Don't let those zombies chomp on your gray matter and instead offer them a lead salad courtesy of your boom stick! This powerful set features an armor, 3 weapons, shield and title. The undead will be rattling in fear with this set's amazing full-set bonus and undead trigger. Grab yours while they last as this package bonus will only be available for a limited time!

new rpg game release adventure quest

Monday, September 25, 2023

NEW! The Last Ride Saga Finale & Fall Season Limited-Time Shop

The Last Ride Saga Finale:
Pestilence has enslaved one of the ancient ancestors of all dragons. Bahamoth's delirious rage threatens to trample all of civilization as its blood spreads the Scourge. The plan to stop his power from growing has failed. The cost will be heavy... But you will NOT let this war be their last!

new rpg game release adventure quest

Limited-Time Shop - Fall season:
As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, the Fall Seasonal Limited-Time Shop returns! Embrace the spirit of autumn with our enchanting Fallkyrie faces. These exquisite visages capture the essence of the season, blending elegance and strength. Hurry, for these seasonal delights won't be here forever! Seize your favorite fall-themed treasures before they vanish like leaves in the wind.

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