What are AdventureQuest Z-Tokens?
  • Very rare coins that can be found by battling challenging monsters in the game.
  • You can also purchase many different Z-Tokens packages to match your adventuring needs.
  • Most Z-Token packages come with a list of free bonus items to choose from.
  • Exchange Z-Tokens for Gold at any shop within the game.
  • Find Valencia standing by the Inn of Battleon. She will help you purchase items with your Z-Tokens, and tell you about any special promotions! She also sells new Golden Giftboxes every month!
  • Use Z-Tokens to purchase COUNTLESS powerful special weapons and equipment inside AdventureQuest! Here are just a few examples:
    • Player Houses - Build your kingdom and raise an army to send into war!
    • White Knight Armor - The Lady of Light has bestowed upon you her finest armor! Capable of summoning a powerful lance to drill into your enemies!
    • Poseidon's Edge - This beautiful blade not only delivers powerful magical Water attacks, but as you strike your foe it will drain their mana to restore your own!
If you have any questions about Z-Tokens see:

 Official Z-Tokens FAQ

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Until September 5th
Z-Token Packages give up to 35% more Z-Tokens!

Package Amount

Bonus Amount

$0 - $9.95
$10 - $19.95
$20 - $34.95
$35 - $64.95
$65 - $200



Z-Token Packages and Pricing:
2500 Z-Tokens for $9.95
Includes your choice of ONE of the following bonuses:
  • Hydro Blaze Shield
  • War Totem Misc
  • Zealot's Arsenal
  • Frostwalker's Secret Bow and Hoods
  • Paladin Avenger Maul and Helms
  • Necromancer Apprentice Staff and Hats

Starter Pack for $14.95
Includes ALL of the following bonuses:

  • 2500 Z-Tokens
  • 100k Gold
    (The following equipment is around level 50, but can be used by any level character.)
  • Fire Plate
  • Dark Blade
  • Wind Staff
  • Ice Longbow
  • Lt. Lore's Shield
  • Star Forge spell
  • LuchaPork pet

6000 Z-Tokens for $19.95
Includes your choice of ONE of the following bonuses:

  • Tinkerer Armor
  • Sacred Chicken Pet
  • Lazer Blazer Armor *New updates
  • Luminous Fire Rooster
  • Titan's Tide Weapon and Spells
  • Cockatoo Cannoneer Pet
  • Spirit Misc Items
  • Amazonian Ruler
  • Sabre-Toothed Grenwog Pet *New updates
7500 Z-Tokens for $24.95
Includes your choice of ONE of the following bonuses:
  • Arsenal of Wukong
  • Searing Brand
  • Shogun and Anatsu Guest *New updates
  • Blood Contract Misc
  • Gambler's Blade *New updates
  • Dainashini Katana
  • Scarred Crow Armor
  • Ninemares
  • Timekeeper Staff
  • Buffalot Beach Bod Skill
  • Royal Wedding Cake Pet
  • Arcane Amplification
  • Una Poca de Gracia Spell
  • Strawberry Shieldcake
  • Health & Mana Leech Pets
  • Blueberry Shieldcake
  • Bloodthorn Armaments
  • Orange Shieldcake
  • Legion Shieldcake
12000 Z-Tokens for $34.95
Includes your choice of ONE of the following bonuses: 
  • Custom Title
  • Elightus Set
  • Tribal Shaman Armor
  • Gudbrand and Gudskelduz
  • Crystalpyre Set
  • Cyber Assassin Armor
  • Decimator Armor
  • Flareos Pet
  • Doom Knight Armaments
  • Cysero's Booth Set of 6 Spells and Skills
  • Arctic Tornado Sets of 6 Spells and Skills
  • Creation Burst Set of 6 Spells and Skills
  • Synaptic Shock Set of 6 Spells and Skills
  • Volcanic Lightning Set of 6 Spells and Skills
  • Paramount Shield and Weapon Set
  • Demon Warrior Armor
  • Iron Bloom Maul and Shield
  • Megathirio Axe and Shield
  • Glass Cannon Pet
  • Shadowrend Armaments
  • Legion's Violence Set of 6 Spells and Skills
  • Amethyst Armaments
  • Superior Knowledge Spells
20000 Z-Tokens for $50.00
Includes your choice of ONE of the following bonuses:
  • Hatred of Akriloth *New updates
  • Thernda Pet
  • Brackish Blade
  • Griffin Pet
  • Maul of Sinmaw *New updates
  • Dunamis Pet
  • Airenal's Lance *New updates
  • Horn of Tera'Suul
  • Dragonrider Mount Armor
  • Griffin Mount Armor
  • Chilly Booster Pet
  • Necragon Armor and Weapon Set
  • Ramssy Booster Pet
  • Mace of Custosilva
  • Graverider Mount Armor
  • Scythe of Rastille
  • Devouring Scythe
  • Plague Pick
  • Light of Sunscale
  • Necromoglin Booster Pet
  • Moglimus Decimus Booster Pet
  • Mog Lightnaut Booster Pet
  • Arms of Carnax
  • Moglicorn Booster Pet
  • Tsunamistrike Guardian Dragon Blade
  • Squee Booster Pet
  • El Muchacho 4-in-1 Weapon
  • Megoi Booster Pet
  • Burpsy's Jackpot
  • Scourge of Entropy Arsenal
50000 Z-Tokens for $100.00
Includes your choice of ONE of the following bonuses:
  • Champion of the Light Realm Set
  • King's Reign Set
  • Champion of Sinmaw Set
  • Champion of Tera'Suul Set
  • Champion of Airenal Set
  • Champion of Akriloth Set
  • Champion of Custosilva Set
  • Doomlight Emberheart Set
  • Umbralwalker of Time Set
  • Skyshattered Doomlight Set (Only available until June 8th.)
  • Eternal, Shadowspark, Frostripper and Tremorhide Doomlight Sets (Only available until June 8th.)
150000 Z-Tokens for $200.00
Includes the following bonus:
  • Custom Player Face
    (Must be a Guardian and at least level 25)


200000 Z-Tokens for $250.00
(Must be a Guardian and at least level 50)

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