AdventureQuest Special Events

The Wizard Games

Once a year the Wizard Games take place. You can compete if you are a wizard. You will face off with other powerful magic-wielding opponents. The winners learn rare and powerful spells!

Undead War!

One of the most tenacious enemies we face are the Undead, controlled by various Necromancers and Liches. Paladins and Vampire Slayers have good tools to fight these critters.

Werewolf Attack!

Not long ago our towns were set upon by an army of Werewolves, driven from Darkovia Forest in search of food when Queen Safiria's Vampires started expanding into their lands. This started the Vampire/Werewolf War.

Merry Frostval to all!

Frostval comes once a year, and is the time when the Moglins of Frostvale town create magical items to give as gifts to everyone. Bash baddies AND get goodies by saving Frostval from troublemakers.

Spooky Mogloween

Mogloween happens every October. Knock on doors, gather candy to trade for cool and creepy masks and special items, and watch out for cute little Moglins who might turn into giant beasts who want to bite off your head.

Sweet SnuggleFest

SnuggleFest happens every February, our tribute to a time of friendship. Here you can quest to become a Hero for any of your favorite NPCs and get rare items as rewards!

Dragons Gone Wild!

Occasionally, a hoarde of violence-starved dragons will descend upon an unsuspecting town. When that happens, it's time to sharpen your Dragon Blade, put on your Dragonslayer armor, and jump into battle!

Talk Like a Pirate Day -- Yaarrg!

We celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day every September by putting you on board Captain Rhubarb's pirate ship and having you take a special Quiz Challenge. If you win, a prize awaits. If you lose, well, it's time to walk the plank, matey!!

Exodus Attacks Town

We defended the town of Battleon from evil forces of living shadow!

The Carnax Saga

Carnax was (is?) a powerful monster made by a society of evil wizards. The beast destroyed the civilization of Talados, and apparently died with it. But years later it reappeared when the Drakel accidentally awakened it. Visit Stonerule on the Travel map to learn more about this important part of Lore history.

And Many More!!!