AQ Character Classes

Necromancer Class!

Visit Obsidia's Lair to meet a Necromancer who can train you in the darkest of magical arts! Acquire deadly powers like Summon Death Dog, Undead Mutant, Fear and even Become a Lich!

Paladin Class!

Go to the Paladin Order on the Travel map to train with Artix Krieger. Learn incredible abilities such as Holy Might, Lay on Hands, Bless Weapon and even Resurrection!

Become a Werepyre!

Available only to Guardians in Darkovia, you can become a Werepyre by meeting a terrifying creature. As a Werepyre you gain great power, but are shunned by the Vampire and Werewolf realms.

Dracomancer Class

Visit the Dragonspine Mountains to train with Cyrus, Lord of the Dracomancers. Learns devastating powers like Dragon's Fury and the awesome Half-Dragon Shapeshift!

Ninjas: Fast, Efficient Results Every Time!

The Ninja Class is one of the most popular. Ninjas of Lore have special abilities ranging from Dual Katanas, the powerful Sui-Ka, and the ultimate Ninja Deathstrike!

Wizard Class is now in session

Visit Warlic in his mage shop to undertake training as a Mage. Become a level 5 Mage and you can then train with Jackel Sano as a wizard and learn some ultimate magical powers!

Vampire Slayer E

Go to Darkovia to train as a Vampire Slayer from the mysterious "E", and gain new abilities such as Turn Undead, Vampire Strike, and more! The perfect class if your need in life is to hunt and slay Vampires and Werewolves.

The Rogue Class

Train as a Rogue with Valencia the Rare Item Hunter in Krovesport. Learn several new ranged attacks, and be prepared to take on the Ranger and Pirate classes!

And Many More!!!