In-Game Screenshots

Evil Fire Mages R Us

The mighty fire wizard Drakonnan tried to take over the world in the Great Fire War. We showed him the door... but we might not have finished him off totally. There are still rumors about him floating around...

Ninjas: Fast, Efficient Results Every Time!

The Ninja Class is one of the most popular. Ninjas of Lore have special abilities ranging from Dual Katanas, the powerful Sui-Ka, and the ultimate Ninja Deathstrike!

Need some advice? Ask Boog

Boog is the sole proprietor of his tavern in the peaceful town of Granemor. That is, if your idea of 'peaceful' includes skeletal warriors and mindless zombies roaming the streets.

They call him MISTER Shadowknight

One of the scariest enemies you will find, Algern the Shadowknight dislikes anyone who is breathing. Yes, he even dislikes himself. Maybe that explains his rage.

Arachnophobia anyone?

Spiders are closely related to crabs and other unsightly critters. You will find more unsightly critters than you can sink your teeth into. (As though you'd want to sink your teeth into unsightly critters)

Does she make-- love potions?

Lucretia is the herbalist extraordinaire on Granemor, doling out potions for health and mana.

Pets Are People, Too

and fighters, and mages, and rogues. Yes, pets in our world possess powers far above those of normal pets. Why else would you take them into battle against deadly dracoliches and frost giants? See Aria to get some pets!

I Want To Be A VampireSlayer When I Grow Up!

Our VampireSlayers were never cheerleaders or history professors. No, they usually slayed their first vampire before they could eat solid food.

When Dragons Attack

Some dragons will leave you covered in flame, in which case you are better off if you stop, drop and roll. If that doesn't work, dive into a lake.

Dragons Gone Wild

When the time comes to tame some dragons, put on your Dragonslayer Armor and put them in their place with your mighty dragonstrike attacks!

Inn the mood

Enter Yulgar's Inn to meet the innkeeper and weaponsmith Yulgar himself, or chat with Robina Hood, Aquella the Water Elf, and legendary fighter Blackhawke.

It's Midnight. Do You Know Were Your Doggie Is?

This scene depicts a Werepyre, a paladin-armored pooch named Daimyo, and a WereHare fighting a tough Alpha Werewolf. You will not find this anywhere else.

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

No, not THAT wizard! This is Warlic, one of the mightiest wizards of Lore! He once called forth a meteor shower that sent an entire army of evil beasts running for their lives.

Your Guest Is As Good As Mine

Taking Guests along on your adventures is an important strategy. Some heal you; some attack your enemy; and others are magical creatures you can summon, just like the fiery fiend you see here.

The Guardian Tower

Within the strong walls of the Tower you will meet many other Guardians, and be able to explore the armory, stables, war room, trophy hall, Guardian Arena, Guardian shop, and much more!

Appetite For Destruction!

Vampires rule much of Darkovia Forest, but oftentimes can be found in other dark corners of the world, such as Granemor. Here we see that a Vamp has been cornered by her enemies.

When in Lolosia... as the Lolosians do! Stop by Gibet's Pub and meet Ruisha, then go outside to find Pirates and treasure hunters.

Dragon Summoning!

In the world of Lore, many have discovered ways to summon powerful dragons to aid them in battle. Maybe you can too. Log in and start the adventure!