Blade of Awe

The Blade of Awe is a very rare sword and one of the most deadly weapons in the world. Its ultra rare special ability "Power Word Die" makes it priceless and feared by even the most powerful monsters.

Guardian Requirement

Your AQ Character must be a Guardian to complete the steps neccesary to create a new Blade of Awe. It will be a very difficult and long quest. To begin your quest, visit Valencia, the rare item hunter.

Valencia Forges Blades of Awe

Valencia will reveal the secret to you on how to forge your Blade of Awe. Look for Valencia outside of Yulgar's Inn to find out more. This rare item hunter is also known to have a flair for armor dyes. She is said to have collected unique and special colors from around the world. Just beware, Valencia is a true rare item hunter! If you possess a hard to obtain item she might become your best friend.

Awe Special Attacks

  • Power Word Die
  • Health Vampire
  • Summon Guardian Dragon
  • Mana Vampire
  • Awe Blast
  • Spiral Carve

Different Forms

There are two other base forms of this weapon: Staff of Awe and Dagger of Awe.

What is a Stonewrit?

Stonewrits are rare item collecting tablets. Actually, they are rare items themselves. They shrink to the size of a pebble when put in your pocket, and can expand to the size of the largest weapon, or even to the size of a house. The Stonewrit is like a puzzle where you must collect all of the pieces to complete it. Once completed, take it to a Rare Item Hunter to find out what to do next. Stonewrite items are not temporary, you can log out and when you come back you will still have all of the pieces that you found.