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Level 6-10 Abilities of All Classes (the most powerful)!
  • Fighter: Summon Friend, Double Attack, Power Attack
  • Mage: Regenerate MP, Energy/Water, Light/Darkness
  • Rogue: Dagger Vengeance, Eagle Eye, Potion Power Arrow
  • Knight: Summon Squire, Arrow Assault, Armor Ascent, Cavalry Charge
  • Wizard: Summon Minions, Divine Magic, Frostbite, Elemental Explosion
  • Ninja: Summon Ninja Tortoise, Ninja Stars, Sui-Ka Cast, Ninja Deathstrike
  • Paladin: Lay on Hands, Holy Light, Holy Might, Resurrection
  • Necromancer: Zombie Hands, Fear, Summon Undead Mutant, Become a Lich
  • Dragonslayer: Poison Dragon, Dragon's Blood, Summon Draykwing, Call Forth the Fire Dragon
  • Dracomancer: Dragon's Fury, Dragon's Brood, Summon Great Dragon, Half-Dragon Transformation
  • Vampire Slayer: Summon Huntragon, Stake and Shake, Ultrastrike, Turn Undead, Vampire's Blood
  • (New classes are added every couple months)
Guardian-Only Items!