Far off in the little town of Frostvale, cute little snow Moglins make wonderful presents to spread good cheer around the world... but something has gone terribly, terribly wrong!

Special Guest Appearances by:
- Possibly the scariest new villain-- ever!
- Sandy Claws!
- Frosty the Snow Golem!
- And, oh yes.... Zorbak!

Every year during December we run a series of server-wide events and quests to celebrate the snowy holidays. This year our special Gift Box items are available in the Guardian Tower for EVERYONE to get. If we can save Frostval, the boxes will open just before the start of the New Year to reveal the awesome and unique items inside! Guardians will get some special power-ups to these items, but ALL players will be able to enjoy them. Read below for a recap of the Frostval events and then grab your swords, spell books and a warm pair of boots... the world needs you once again!

Gift Boxes in the shops! December 5th, 2007
Guardian Gift Boxes What is in these gift boxes? We have no idea... the ice Moglins brought them to the town and said it was a surprise! The boxes will magically open right before the New Year begins to reveal the rare presents within! (In a special Guardian Tower shop during Frostval!)
Guardian Gift Boxes

Word has come that Frostvale, the Moglin village in the Northlands where the holiday of Frostval began, is being raided by ice monsters and a tribe of warriors called the Jotun who are totally loyal to the Ice Realm. We must save the Moglins!

UPDATE: Frostvale has been saved, but something msyerious has happened!

The Nightmare Queen Attacks! December 13th, 2007
Guardian Gift Boxes

After saving the Moglins of Frostvale, we suddenly find ourselves in a nightmare version of Battleon! Now we must fight the combined forces of ice monsters and minions of the Nightmare Queen, Khandie Khain!

UPDATE: We defeated the Dirty Snowman and the first wave of Khandie Khain's toy soldiers!

Raid on Nightmare Castle! December 20th, 2007
Guardian Gift Boxes

Khandie is NOT the Nightmare Queen: Her mother is! And she rules the Nightmare Realm from her throne in the Nightmare Castle. The only way to get out of the Nightmare Realm is to beat Khandie's army all the way back to the castle! The final battle has begun!

UPDATE: We defeated Khandie Khain, ruined Zorbak's plans, and even got to battle the powerful Nightmare Queen herself!

Gift Delivery! December 26th, 2007
Guardian Gift Boxes We must deliver all of the gifts on the back of Reindragons in time for the New Year!
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