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AQ Game Engine Updates

Version 39.2

  • Potion revamp! Potions now heal a lot more.
  • Guardians also get a small boost to their potion healing
  • The option to double-drink potions has been removed. It may return in the future.
  • Monster SP bar now glows when the monster has enough SP to use its skill.

Version 38.0

  • New user interface graphics
  • Added more checks to the beginning/end of the monster's turn, so that more things can interact with it.
  • Bug Fixes including Monster percentile damage calculations, auto-hitting attack, and house damage tracker.

Version 37.9

  • Gold Box Prize System
  • Support for more complicated Armor systems.

Version 37.8

  • Increased base character Hit Points

Version 37.6

  • Stat damage now has a narrower range. Instead of a random number from 0 to DAMAGE, you now have a random number from DAMAGE/4 to DAMAGE*3/4.
  • Future guest-summoning spells may not always take a turn.
  • Game quality is now saved between logins.
  • Damage is rounded more accurately. If you somehow have an attack that always does 10.2 damage, then on average you'll do 10.2 damage.
  • Halved the bonus from END, so that 200 END doubles HP (instead of triples it).
  • You now gain 5.5 MP/level instead of 5. This allows Lv150 players to cast Lv150 spells.
  • Base SP is now 100+5*Level instead of 50+5*Level. Regeneration remains unchanged.

Version 37.2

  • New setting in the AQ game options panel to allow readying your equipment after a battle starts, but before you or the monster gets to attack first.

Version 37.0

  • Updated Stat Trainers and training prices.

Version 35.8

  • The game engine has been updated to use a newer version of Flash. This may help speed up some of the animations, but it may also cause some new bugs. Be on the lookout for anything that seems broken that used to work.

Version 35.0

  • Lucky hits! 10% chance of doing extra damage. The higher your Luck stat, the more damage!
  • New status display on monster details. If you freeze or paralyze a monster, you will see it.
  • The amount of SP (skill points) you need when fleeing monsters will be no higher than 150 points.
  • Magic Weapon and Ranged Weapon damage stat bonuses have changed to even out different character class types.
  • Guardians can now choose what equipment slot to equip at Login by talking to Nimrod at the Guardian Tower.
  • New attack menu slots for temporary pets, spells, and misc items

Version 34.3

  • The picture on the login screen will be different for each day of the week.
  • Small bug fixes to the login system.
  • The Battle Win scroll display is larger now and sometimes will have special messages, such as:
    - Important server messages like "server about to go offline for maintenance"
    - Finding special stuff from random monster drops.

Version 34

  • More reliable battle saving system. You can retry twice if the battle doesn't save correctly when the blue scroll comes up.
  • Detailed damage information will now appear on the wall chart in the larger houses that have them.
  • When you level up, leftover extra XP is no longer lost. It will carryover to your new level.

Version 33.86

  • New Character Select Buttons when logging in. Includes a picture of your character portrait.

Version 33.80

  • The yellow experience bar is back!
  • Click on any of the bars to cycle between three different displays.

  • New Option Setting: Automatic Graphics Quality adjuster!
    Click the Options tab underneath your XP bar, then click the More button to open the Game Settings window.
    The automatic setting will raise and lower the game graphics setting to keep the battle animations running as smoothly as possible.

Version 33.70

  • The old yellow XP bar is gone to make room for a new green Skill Point (SP) bar.
  • You can see how much XP you have gained by viewing your character profile.
  • The XP display on the hover-over-pop-up character profile rotates between XP, XP %, and needed XP.

  • The labels for clan, subrace, and class are removed from the profile. The information is still listed, in a more compact form.

  • Introducing the new green Skill Points (SP) Bar! This bar works like the MP bar, but it starts at zero when you login.
  • Every battle round, your character will gain 10 SP + a few extra SP based on your level.
  • Max skill points is 50 + 5 points per character level.
  • Fleeing from battle costs a few skill points. The higher the monster level, the more SP required.

  • Drinking potions costs a few skill points
  • Drink two potions at once! Costs 20 skill points

  • Some Class armor abilities now use SP instead of MP
  • Coming Soon: some Misc items will use SP instead of MP

Always changing!

This game is in an ongoing development phase. We are always creating and adding new content to the game and updating the main game engine to improve the experience for everyone. New quests, areas, items or events show up every week in AdventureQuest!



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