AdventureQuest Z-Tokens
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NEW: TENDRIL PLATE! 700-3700 Tokens

This armor of Drakel design is forged of emerald steel and is given extra power by whipping tentacles of energy! These armors allow you to use SP for stronger attacks!

NEW: GRAVE CROWDER! 855-3610 Tokens

Through darkness and fire this devilish weapon fills graves like no other! Click the blade to switch between dark and fire elements. This weapon's special rune attack increases in power with your own level! There are 3 level versions: the Grave Filler, Grave Packer and Grave Crowder.

325-4500 Tokens: Rare Weapons and Pets return!

Dragon King's Axe Z is a mighty fire magic weapon that can transform you into a giant armored avatar of the Dragon King! Also returning, the Horn of Pwnzy, Drag O'Lantern pet, and Stitches the ebil teddy beat pet!

3000-7500 Tokens: ZORBAK pet and MUSE items!

Activate the Quest or Battle Muse items to launch unique music to play by, plus temporarily increase some stats and defenses! You can also get your own personal Zorbak pet to help in battle, with 4 very ebil attacks, including a chance to paralyze your enemy:

  • Dark Magic : 8-38 damage, plus heals you and chance to paralyze enemy
  • Summon Undead: 16-76 damage
  • Evil Pencil: 36-96 damage
  • Dark Bolts: 24-84 damage
200-4000 Tokens per item: The ASGIR'ROOK Item Set!

Once thought to be only a myth, the true power of the Asgir'Rook tribe is revealed.

  • Female Asgir Warrior form
  • Male Asgir Warrior form
  • Asgir Crippler weapon
  • Asgir Monitor pet
  • Asgir Defender shield
3000 - 10000 Tokens: ELITE RARES!

Elite Rares! Legendary items with legendary power.

  • Dragonfang Scimitar
  • Elite Ice Katana
  • Red Vengeance staff
  • The Zardbane
  • The Dragonhand
  • Monster Smasher hammer
  • Armor of Sensing
  • Black Wartexx multibladed sword


100-200 Tokens: COMBAT BONUS items
  • Blackroot
  • Magma Leaf
  • Mermazon Kelp
  • Darkness, Wind, Ice, Energy and Fire Elemental Orbs
250 Tokens: SUPERB weapons
  • The DarkEye
  • MageBlade
  • Golden Goblet
  • Treasure Box
  • 4-Leaf Clover
600-2750 Tokens: KILOHURTZ and MEGAHURTZ weapons!

The awesome broad blades of the Hurtz weapons draw magical energy from the charged ions that build up in the air during a battle! Lucky for you, there is a battle around every corner...

500 Tokens: POWERED-UP equipment
  • Lectris Blade
  • Garthonk Hammer
  • The Rust Reaver
  • Troposhield
640-5840 Tokens: THE GASPARIAN!

This blade was forged for his own use by Gaspar, brother dracomancer of Lord Cyrus. Infused with draconic powers, it summons an enchanted wyvern with a mighty and explosive breath attack!

750 Tokens: ADVANCED weapons, pets, and spells
  • Mace of Might
  • Cryzta Sword
  • Ultimus Shield
  • The Armopede
  • The Snurdle
  • Summon Poelala spell
  • The Warrior's Edge
  • The Mage Globe
  • The Rogue's Charm
940-4100 Tokens: SPACE ARMORS!

Inspired by the group of off-world visitors called the "Space Girls", these special outfits offer 3 varied attacks using advanced cosmic technology and multiple hits!

  • The Bonefang
  • Darksplatter spell
  • Mega Dragon Blade
1200 Tokens: MUTANT SQUIBS pets

An innocent race of cute little creatures called Squibs has disappeared on Isle d'Oriens (see the rip in the sky above town)! Someone has mutated them into dangerous critters. Now you can take them into battle with you!

  • Bulldog Squib
  • Stretch Squib
  • Demon Squib
  • Blubber Squib
1200-2400 Tokens: Broadkil pet and Summon Brain Spider spell!

Created from a combination of Drakel magiscience and Brilhado necromancy, the Broadkil Cadaborg pet will assail your enemies with heavy darkness damage while the huge Tarantula Brain Spider you summon to your side has the power to lower their intellect!

1500 - 2000 Tokens: ULTRA items


  • Nightslayer Sword
  • The Chopalot
  • Jester's Disguise
  • Ultra Nightmare Rider
  • Ultra Unicorn Rider


1750 Tokens: RAZORCLAW pet

Who chooses the Razorclaw as a pet? Why, someone who isn't afraid to lose a limb in the event that the Razorclaw gets hungry between meals! If the RC could do that to its master, just imagine what it will do to your enemies.

2000 Tokens: CHRONOBLADES!

Brought into the present from thousands of years in the past, these swords have a chance to stop your enemy in time for one turn if both hits of its powerful special attack connect! The Venerable Chrono Blades come in darkness and light versions, while the Postmodern Chrono Blade is fire or wind.

2500 Tokens: BEAUTIFUL OBLIVION mace

The Beautiful Oblivion is a mace like no other! You can switch it between Light and Wind elements, plus it has a 4-hit magic and ranged special attack! Strike true fear into the hearts of Darkness and Earth enemies with this mighty melee weapon.

2750 Tokens: STORMVALE sword

This special melee weapon is two-in-one! It allows you to choose to attack with either Wind or Water, and transforms to fit your element! With a powerful 4-hit magic special.

3500 Tokens: GRIM VESTIGE sword

Forged by a Necromancer in a fire fueled by burning dracolich bones, the Grim Vestige lets its bearer choose whether it will inflict darkness or ice damage. Its special attack also grows in damage with every level you gain!


4000 Tokens : SUMMON FROST ELVES spell

Frost Elves are a little-understood breed of Elves that are short of stature, and enjoy collecting Frostval gifts. Use this spell to call in a small army of Frost Elves armed to the teeth with weapons and pets from Frostvals past, and ready to inflict heavy fire damage on your icy foes!

4000 Tokens: ICE RHINO pet

An Ice Rhino is an indispensible ally in any battle with fire monsters. A triple-hit charge attack and an heavy-damage blast of ice breath will lay your enemies low!

4000 Tokens : DYNAMO pet

A race of creatures just recently discovered on the island of Paxia, the Dynamo generates massive amounts of electrical power as part of its life cycle. It needs to release this power often in order to survive. You think it would be a good idea to take a Dynamo with you so it can release this power in huge energy attacks against your enemies? We do!


4000 Tokens: MOGLO PET!

The rare and painfully cute Moglo Habilis live on Paxia, but a few of them have decided to help us on our battles! Moglos have multiple attacks and can actually deplete your enemy's stats. Did we mention that they are so cute it hurts?

4000 Tokens: LITTLE DEATH pet

The "Little Death" pet thinks he is the Reaper himself. He definitely packs a huge punch for a little guy, with strong Darkness attacks!


4000-6000 Tokens : SUPERNOVA Spell and MAGIC ICE KATANA!

Give your enemies a sun tan they will never forget with the Supernova spell, inflicting 106-167 Light damage over 10 hits! Plus, a magic version of the Elite Ice Katana is now available, with great damage plus a chance to freeze monsters!

4500-5000 Tokens: SUPREME items
  • Cutter Staff : Every time you equip this weapon, 1 of 5 random blade heads generates and increases your weapon's damage or hit bonus!
  • Cyber Suit: Built by the Drakel, this armor offers massive defensive and offensive capabilities, unlocking new attacks at level 20 and level 50!

Take on the form of a Soul Banisher. Heavily armored living shadow, with great darkness and magic defense, and powerful attacks!

5500 Tokens : NIGHTRAIDER mount!

Nightraiders are hybrid creatures brought into existence by the dracopyre NightBane! Ride your own giant Nightraider into battle. Superior darkness, earth, and ranged defenses coupled with a 2-hit ranged attack, and a 3-hit attack above level 40!

  • Everfrozen Shard: This treasure raises your DEX and INT stats +5, increases your water, ice and melee defense, and boosts your STR stat +15!
  • Urn of Daryngord: This treasure raises your STR and DEX stats +5, increases your energy, fire and magic defense, and boosts your INT stat +15!
6000 Tokens : ZARDMASTER Z armor!

Wear the tough armor of the Zardmaster and ride into battle on an armored mutant zard! Excellent defenses against fire, water, earth and darkness plus a possibility of inflicting over 350% damage!

6500 Tokens : STARFUSION dual-blade!

This blade was made for fighting it out with some tough opponents! Not only can you spin it back and forth from Light to Fire damage, it can also call down an explosive 4-hit solar flare special attack!

7000 Tokens : GATEKEEPER armor!

The GateKeeper armor, worn by Halliphax of Alnaphar, is a hybrid of the Reign Plate and Shadow Cloak. This armor has excellent defenses and includes special attacks from both the Reign Plate and Shadow Cloak!

7500 Tokens : GATTA RIDER armor!

From the island of Gatta, this giant armored cat is a ferocious beast that you can ride into battle! Excellent defense against melee, ranged, earth, ice, energy and light combines with a 3-hit attack with up to 400% possible damage to you enemies!

How do I get Z-Token Items?

Find Valencia standing at the Inn. She will help you get items with your Z-Tokens! You can also use any shop in the game to convert Z-Tokens to Gold, which you can use to buy things in regular shops.


Are there any character level requirements to purchase Z-Token Items?

Yes, though the level requirements are much lower than for items you would find in a regular shop.


Can I transfer an item from one of my characters to another to make space for more items?

Yes, using the Shared Bank Vault. Create a vault inside any in-game shop.


Where can I find more information on Z-Tokens?

See the official Z-Token FAQ


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