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Dear Parent,

AdventureQuest (AQ) is a fully Flash-animated RPG (Role Playing Game) that your child can play that we believe is quite a bit different from most other large scale online games.

Thousands of people from all over the world play AdventureQuest. Players battle against hordes of monsters and enemies so that you can grow stronger and obtain ancient weapons of unimaginable power. Players need nothing more than their web browser and the latest version of the Flash plugin to play.

Always changing!
We are always creating and adding new content to the game and updating the main game engine to improve the experience for everyone. New quests, areas, items or events show up every week in AdventureQuest!

There are currently over 1000 unique enemies to encounter, 700 unique weapons, over 200 unique armors and shields to use, and hundreds of spells and pets to aid you in battle, all found in dozens of quests, towns and areas through the world.


Single Player Game with Multi-Player Features
Unlike multiplayer games in which characters all wander around together and are free to talk to each other, AQ is a single player game in which there are events that players work together (although they cannot communicate with each other) cooperatively to achieve story-oriented goals. We do not allow foul language, nudity, extreme realistic violence or drug/alcohol use in our games.


AdventureQuest was created to appeal to all ages and is appropriate for children of all ages. It is easy to learn to play. Please note, that by upgrading your under-13 child’s account, your child will be able to register with, and make posts on, the Artix Entertainment Message Board at While it is against our rules to post personally identifiable information on our forums and our Moderators enforce those rules, it is possible for your child to do so. Thus, if you would prefer that your child does not have access to the Message Board, please do not upgrade your child’s account.

Please visit our Privacy Policy, which details how we collect, store and utilize the information we are entrusted by you. You can also visit our Terms & Conditions.

While part of AdventureQuest is free, to have full access to the game and to be able to always login to the game, one must be a Guardian. To upgrade to Guardian status, it is a one time payment. It is NOT a monthly fee. Because of this, Guardianship applies to a single character.

The Become A Guardian page explains in detail what you get with each upgrade package. If you choose to upgrade your child's character, hold on to your payment transaction information. If you mail in a payment, make a copy of the check or money order, along with your upgrade form and keep it for your records.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal - See our instructions for how to upgrade safely and securely with PayPal.
  • Secure Credit Card - See our instructions for how to upgrade safely and securely with a Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress or Discover card.
  • PayByCash - See our instructions for how to upgrade with PayByCash.
  • Cherry Credits - See our instructions for how to upgrade with Cherry Credits.
  • Mail In Payment - See our instructions for how to upgrade the old-fashioned way, by mailing in a payment.

We hope that your child enjoys playing AdventureQuest. If you get a chance, and have ever enjoyed fun adventure or fantasy games of any kind, we encourage you to create a free account and play as well!

Thank you!


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