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Houses come in different sizes and are located in different parts of the game world. Current locations include the forests nearby Battleon, the frozen northlands of Frostvale, the dark creepy forests of Darkovia, and the beaches near Lolosia. Visit Valencia in the main town of Battleon to link to the House vendor shops.

When you purchase a house, the Z-Token sell-back price of the house will immediately decrease to 90% of its value, but then the house value will increase by a small percentage of its original value each day! A real investment towards buying the next larger house size!

  • Tent
  • Tiki Hut
  • Log Cabin
  • Big Log House
  • Stone Cottage
  • Stone Mansion
  • Houses with Estates
  • Castle/Kingdoms - Coming Soon
How does extra inventory space work?
After owning a Log Cabin, you can buy extra equipment items at any shop in the game, beyond the normal limit of eight slots. Keep in mind, that you can still only use the first eight items in battle. Extra items will be safely stored, and can be swapped into your first eight slots using any shop within the game.

This is your plot of land that you get when you buy any size house. You will have to clear your land of trees and monsters in order to make way for your first home!


This is the Tent. It's very small, but will keep you warm and dry at night.
Cost: 200 Z-Tokens

This is the Tiki Hut! This place may be little, but it will give you a roof over your head and display paintings inside your hut as decoration.
Cost: 1000 Z-Tokens
Build your hut into a full-fledged home when you move up to the Log Cabin stage! Not only is this model a little cozier, it gives your character one free extra weapon,armor,shield,spell,pet and misc inventory slot. A total of six extra slots!
Cost: 2000 Z-Tokens
From Log Cabin you can get the Big Wood House! The fireplace is a nice touch, and so is the added storage space. It gives your character two free extra weapon,armor,shield,spell,pet and misc inventory slots. A total of 12 extra slots!
Cost: 4000 Z-Tokens
This is the Stone Cottage. It offers better defense from monsters and weather, while having even more storage area.
Cost: 6000 Z-Tokens
This is the new Stone Mansion. It offers tons of extra storage space, temporary weapons and riding armors. Making a place like this your own will tell the world that you know what you're doing!
Cost: 14000 Z-Tokens
NEW: Houses with Estates!
Several of the advanced houses now come with added areas of land next to the house. The estates include several plots of land to build special buildings or resource gatherers. Food, Wood, Stone, and Energy can be gathered and then used to build more advanced buildings.
View List of Estate Buildings

This is a sample of an inside room for the Stone Mansion. Early stage houses have one room, with more rooms added to higher stages. Rooms will hold different features like extra inventory space, potion refills, customizable items, magic portals, and more!



The Castle and Kingdom stages are currently being developed, and we have lots of suprises planned!

Using a magic portal on your Estate, journey to another world to build a new kingdom of your own. Build an army to maintain peace, explore your surroundings, or wage war!


You can buy animal and monster guards to protect your home. Other players can visit your home and battle your guards. Right now, this is just for fun, but in the future there may be advantages to protecting your home from invaders. Item

Visit Valencia in Battleon town, to access the House Shop Vendors. Buy your home or house addons from Marty and Betty Higgins. And then buy house decorations or other items from Bulbug, the Ogre.



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