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Guardian Areas!

Granemor, Lolosia, The Crossroads, Yenghaland, Varrinsqu Keep, The Void (More added on a regular basis)

What is the Void?

The Void is a special secret area found in Granemor where Guardians are challenged by a very dangerous creature to face the newest and toughest monsters in the world of Lore!

Guardian Quests!

Werepyre quest, Guardian Arena, Yulgar's Custom Weapon quest, Orc Hunt, The Haunted House, Warlic's Spell Scrolls, The Cure (for Lycanthropy and Vampirism), Well of the Water Lord's Tears, The Ring of King Malinius, Quest for the Kayda Reaver, Plasma Dragons, Canyon of Lost Souls, The Mysterious Island, The Elf and Drakel War, Save Lucretia, Granemor Cemetary, Morgul's Dark Orb, WunEye vs. the Drakel, Time Travel: Dragon War, Time Travel: The Carnax War, Zorbak and Safiria's Challenge, The Return of Riona Shadowgale, and more!

Level 6-10 Abilities of All Classes (the most powerful)!

Fighter: Summon Friend, Double Attack, Power Attack

Mage: Regenerate MP, Energy/Water, Light/Darkness

Rogue: Dagger Vengeance, Eagle Eye, Potion Power Arrow

Knight: Summon Squire, Arrow Assault, Armor Ascent, Cavalry Charge

Wizard: Summon Minions, Divine Magic, Frostbite, Elemental Explosion

Ninja: Summon Ninja Tortoise, Ninja Stars, Sui-Ka Cast, Ninja Deathstrike

Paladin: Lay on Hands, Holy Light, Holy Might, Resurrection

Necromancer: Zombie Hands, Fear, Summon Undead Mutant, Become a Lich

Dragonslayer: Poison Dragon, Dragon's Blood, Summon Draykwing, Call Forth the Fire Dragon

Dracomancer: Dragon's Fury, Dragon's Brood, Summon Great Dragon, Half-Dragon Transformation

Vampire Slayer: Summon Huntragon, Stake and Shake, Ultrastrike, Turn Undead, Vampire's Blood

(New classes are added every couple months)

Guardian-Only Items!

Weapons: The Guardian Blade, The Blade of Awe, Staff of Nihilus, Dread Staff of Nihilus, Dire Staff of Nihilus, Fist of Darkness, Fist of Earth, Fist of Energy, Fist of Fire, Fist of Ice, Fist of Light, Fist of Water, Fist of Wind, Therion's Spike, Super Pzycho Sabre, Super Pzycho Sabre (Level 40), Destroyer, Ultimate Destroyer, The Great Divider, Akriloth Blade, and more!

Armors: Customizable Ultra Guardian Armor, Dark Guardian Armor, Flame Guardian Plate, Big Red Button Armor, Golden Holy Armor, Obsidian Cloak, and more!

Shields: Undead Terror, Monster Claw

Pets: Fairy Godmother, Fairy Godfather, Brightwolf, Thunder Troll, Little Clone, Clone,
Big Clone, Guardian Firezard, 8 special Vampragons, and more!

New Guardian Only Bonuses are added on a regular basis!
Almost every week, new Guardian material is added to AdventureQuest, including special rare items and new guests to help in wars and battles.

Become a Guardian Now!

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