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Become a GUARDIAN today and get access to all towns, areas, and quests, PLUS incredible bonuses like Guardian-only wars and events.

It is a one time payment to become a Guardian! It is not a monthly fee.

With new stuff added every week, AQ is always expanding and always fun!

Questions? Read all the information on this page, and see the official Guardian FAQ


Guardians get full access and great bonuses!


GUARDIAN Package - Only $19.95 USD

What do I get?...

  • Bonus Access to the Game
    • Dozens of quests and areas!
    • Hundreds of Guardian-only items throughout the world of Lore!
    • Unlock even more abilities in all of the strongest classes!
    • Unique events, quests and wars made JUST for Guardians, and access to all future Guardian-only content!
  • Guardian Blade - Summon the Guardian Dragon!
  • Blade of Awe - The ability to complete the legendary Blade of Awe!
  • Guardian Armors - Including Black Dragon and Unicorn Rider Armor
  • Custom Weapon - Quest to build a unique weapon for yourself (found in the Guardian Tower war room)
  • Z-Tokens - 1000 Free Z-Tokens
  • Potion Upgrade - Start with 2 Health and Mana potions, and be allowed to carry up to 30 at once!
  • Guardian Tower - Including Armory, Stables, and more
  • Arena - Test yourself in the high level monster arena
  • Dragon Blade - Pull the Dragon Blade from the Stone
  • Play ArchKnight - *BONUS* An alternate game based on the AQ world
  • Bonuses in Other Artix Games - Access to special Guardian-only features and items in the other Artix games, including DragonFable, MechQuest, and AdventureQuest Worlds!
  • View Complete List of Guardian Bonuses!

Become a Guardian within 72 hours of character creation to unlock these extra bonuses:

  • Exclusive FireWere Pet
  • Exclusive GateKeeper Blade, Spear, and Spell
  • Plus 500 Extra Z-Tokens

Remember, it is a one time payment to become a Guardian! It is not a monthly fee. If you have questions about Guardianship, check our Official Guardian FAQ

Give your character the X-Boost at the same time you upgrade to Guardian
For Only $5.00 USD More!

What more do I get?...

  • Everything the Guardians get plus:

  • Monster Battle XP-Boost
    • Get an additional 10% experience points for every monster you defeat!
    • Save time and Level Up faster!
    • Be on the new Top Character List for X-Guardians!

  • Z-Tokens - 500 more free Z-Tokens

  • 25000 Gold Pieces - one-time gold boost
    • Extra gold will help you buy:
      • More Powerful Weapons and Spells
      • Tougher Armor
      • More effective Shields
      • and the Coolest Pets!

  • 3 Starting Health and Mana Potions!
    Extra potions will help you live longer when fighting the enemies you encounter in your adventures. Also increases your maximum carrying capacity of potions to 35 of each type!

Do you already have a Guardian Character?
Get the X-BOOST Upgrade - for $9.95 USD


Payment Options

Credit Card Postal Mail
Paypal Artix Games

Becoming a Guardian is easy and safe! Upgrades can be paid by using several different payment systems. We also accept direct check and money order payments by postal mail.
Click here to Upgrade

For Parents upgrading their child's account:
Please note, that by upgrading your under-13 child’s account, your child will be able to register with, and make posts on, the Artix Entertainment Message Board at While it is against our rules to post personally identifiable information on our forums and our Moderators enforce those rules, it is possible for your child to do so. Thus, if you would prefer that your child does not have access to the Message Board, please do not upgrade your child’s account.


Dear Guardians,

AdventureQuest now has 1000+ monsters, weekly events, and the weekly addition of new pets, armors, shields, faces, and weapons. Our game is one of the best and well known web RPGs on the internet.
Thank you to everyone who has already upgraded their character or are about to upgrade now! If you have questions about becoming a Guardian or if you are experiencing a problem with your payment, please check the Official FAQ. If you are unable to find the answer there, you can always visit the Help pages or the Forums. We look forward to making the game better for you every week!

Battle on!
Artix Entertainment Team


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