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This page contains our most frequently asked questions about becoming an AdventureQuest Guardian. Please be sure to check here first if you are looking for detailed information or experiencing a problem. If you are not able to find your answer here, you can always check the Help Pages.

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Remember, it is a one time payment to become a Guardian! It is not a monthly fee.
Can I upgrade my character via postal mail?

Certainly. Use the login form on the main Guardian Upgrade page. Choose the Direct Mail-In option. We recommend checks or money orders as a safe way to send in the payment for your upgrade. Please allow up to two weeks for your character to be upgraded in the United States, and one to six weeks if you are going to be mailing from outside the U.S. Also allow time for processing your upgrade. We are not responsible for items lost in the mail, nor for how long it may take for a letter to reach us.

How long will it take to upgrade my character?

If you sign up using the username/password box on the previous page the process is automatic and you will be upgraded almost instantly. PayPal upgrades are instantaneous once PayPal receives your payment. You can even see step-by-step instructions on how to pay with PayPal by going here.

If you use UltimatePay to make your upgrade payment, your character will automatically be upgraded as soon as we receive confirmation of payment from UltimatePay. Time to upgrade depends upon the form of payment chosen within the UltimatePay payment process. If you use a bank transfer, or any other time of delayed payment, the funds will need to arrive at UltimatePay and be processed by them, before they can notify us.

Mail - Check / Money Order
We read our mail here in Florida every weekday. Please allow up to two weeks for your character to be upgraded. Your game character will be upgraded as soon as your letter arrives and we will send you a confirmation email the moment your character is equipped. If you live outside of the United States please allow a little longer. Do not worry, your letter will eventually get here and your character will be upgraded. They always do!

Will I lose any of my items or stuff if I become a Guardian?
No! You will not lose any of your old items! You will keep your old weapons, armor, pets and spells if you become a Guardian. You will also receive the Guardian Armor and the Guardian blade.
Can I trust your company with my payment?
The answer of course is yes! We are good people and care about our games and our players. We have been online for over ten years with satisfied players because of our friendly team and determination to make players happy.
I want to upgrade a friend.

Purchase a HeroMart Artix Points Gift Certificate to give to your friend. Your friend can use the Artix Points certificate to upgrade ANY Artix game including getting Guardianship in AQ.

Is it a one time payment?

Yes, Guardianship is a one time payment. This is NOT a monthly fee. You only pay once. You also will be able to access future Guardian perks (For example, those who became Guardians over the previous years have received all of the recent Guardian additions).

Can I lose my Guardianship status?

Guardianship does not expire. You will never lose your Guardian status unless you repeatedly break the Basic Rules of this game.

How much is the upgrade amount in my currency?

We found this great online currency converter at You can visit their site, enter our price to convert it to your currency. The rates fluctuate all of the time so as long as your donation is close we will honor it. The most commonly asked prices for other countries can be found on the main Guardian Upgrade page.

How do I upgrade a second character?
Guardianship applies to the one character of your choice and gives him/her all of the gear, bonuses, and extra access. You may upgrade additional characters in the future by going through the Guardian process again for each character.
My Father/Mother said I am not allowed to become a Guardian... what should I do?
Listen to your parents! The Guardians are supporting AdventureQuest so that you are able to play it for free. Later on, when you are working and have your own means you can help support the game for the next generation of players (Just imagine what the game will look like by then!)
Refund Policy
Our Artix Games Refund Policy covers refund issues for AdventureQuest.
Can I still play while waiting to be upgraded?
Yes, you can continue playing. Once you are "Guardianized" all you need to do is re-login to see your new gear and access the Guardian tower.
Sounds good... where do I sign up!
Return to the previous page and enter your username and password to begin. Please check the Help Pages if you have any problems.

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