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Welcome to the action-packed, fully animated RPG world of AdventureQuest!

The best free online fantasy RPG on the net! You won't find many games like it. No downloads are needed to play. When you need a dose of fun action and adventure, log in to AQ and wow your friends and family with your character's power!



January 11, 2021

NEW! Estate Update

Z-Token Bonus
Extended for a Limited time Z-Token packages give up to 25% more Z-Tokens!

Estate Update:
Owning a home in AQ just became even better! Visit the Housing Shop to find a massive selection of new Tier III resource buildings, plus the new Gold Storage Misc in the Guardian Tower.

Upcoming changes to the Estate Battle Trainers are still being worked on! Estate Battle Trainers will be able to train as many stat points as allowed Vs. the normal 5 stat points per battle.

Donít own a home yet? Head over to the Estate Shop in Battleon and pay a visit to Bulbug and the Higgins, and start building today!

new rpg game release adventure quest

January 04, 2021

NEW! Golden Giftbox Booster Guests

Z-Token Bonus
For a Limited time Z-Token packages give up to 25% more Z-Tokens!

Booster Guest Golden Giftboxes:
We have added an entire group of Moglin Booster Guests to the Golden Giftboxes! These allies may be small but they provide huge boosts to the damage of your elemental attacks. Also find Year of the Ox Player Faces!

new rpg game release adventure quest

December 28, 2020

NEW! Frostval Giftboxes Are Opening

Z-Token Bonus
Extended for a limited time Z-Token packages give up to 25% more Z-Tokens!

Frostval 2020 - Gift Delivery Finale:
After this massive community effort to make sure that everyone has a gift this Frostval season, your journey through the Horror and Terror realms has ended. The giftboxes have all been delivered and the Guardian Giftboxes are opening! First gifts to unwrap are the weapons, starting with the Ranged versions!

new rpg game release adventure quest

NEW! 2021 New Year's Celebration

Goodbye 2020, Helloooo 2021:
We wish you an amazing holiday season
, THANK YOU for battling alongside us throughout 2020! We hope you'll be here with us as we strive to make 2021 another amazing year in the world of AQ! Letís say goodbye to 2020 with a huge haul of gear to help ring in 2021!

new rpg game release adventure quest

What is a New Yearís celebration without some stuff to explode in the skies over Lore? So we have also released a megaton of fireworks-related gear!

6K Z-Token Package - Spirit of Renewal Misc:
This ethereal charm will grant good fortune in the new year! It normally gives +10% gold from battles when in your active inventory (top 8 misc item slots), and a +25% gold boost during January.

NEW! January Z-Token Package Bonuses

20K Z-Token Package - Searing Strike Guardian Dragon Blade:
Take hold of the Searing Strike Guardian Dragon Blade and wield the legendary might of a Guardian Dragon, one of the most powerful dragons in all of Lore! Click the handle to swap between Melee and Magic damage, or click the blade to transform yourself into a fiery incarnation of a Guardian Dragon.

Donít miss your chance to wield the power of a legendary Guardian Dragon as this limited-time package bonus will only be available until February 4th!

new rpg game release adventure quest

Guardian Upgrade Pricing - $10.00 for "ALT" characters!

We have changed the pricing on AQ Guardian upgrades to be:
$10 when upgrading additional characters on an account that already has at least one Guardian character.

That is a 50% discount on upgrading more characters on the same account!

We have also extended our amazing early Guardian offer! Upgrade within 72 hours of character creation to unlock these extra bonuses and ALL the other Guardian perks.

Get the exclusive:

  • FireWere Pet
  • GateKeeper Blade, Spear, + Spell


  • 500 Bonus Z-Tokens

new rpg game release adventure quest


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