Lands of Rising Evil

Screen Shot

You will have to sign up and fight a battle to see what the game looks like now, but this old image should give you an idea. Keep in mind that all of the graphics and animation for this combat scene total 25kb (About 4 seconds to load on a 56K modem).

In this image, a Drakko Earth Mage is casting Spectral serpent. Standing beside me is a Twillian (Looks like a green bean with hair... but you gotta love it when he tosses you a heal). You will be able to have any sort of pet you want, assuming you can afford, summon, or tame it. Oh, another thing you probably noticed is the ? where the Drakko's info should be. In the game you will be able to get a large number of skills, some of which will allow you to view the enemies health, or even their resistances to elements (Fire, Water, Energy, Etc.). Which would have been nice to have had in this instance. Because if I had known the Drakko was weak against fire, I would have drawn my Cinderblade (3 bladed fire enchanted shakra that randomly flies out of your hand and casts fireballs until it gets tired). I will post some more images soon.

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