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May 06, 2015

AQ Fun Facts!

Battling through the hordes of dragons and undead have you ever thought to yourself I wonder what the rarest weapons in AQ are? Well thanks to the good Captain here are the top 10, excluding staff weapons. Any other fun facts you'd like to know about AQ? Let us know on the forum!

1. Frogzard Sword
2. Mage Soul
3. Mime Axe
4. Teardrop
5. Frigid Reaper
6. Circus Hammer
7. Glamdung
8. Cyber Shogun Odachi
9. Black Friday Battleaxe
10. Bitter Frost


April 14, 2015

New Mobile Game Announced!

A free single-player arcade-survival game coming soon

The creative minds behind the PvP MMO EpicDuel have teased about a "big, exciting announcement" for the past few weeks. But today is a very special day, because that well-kept secret is finally being revealed…  


Titan, Nightwraith, Charfade and Rabblefroth have been secretly developing a new mobile game entitled “BioBeasts” while also working on EpicDuel (woah, they must drink A LOT of coffee!). Today we’re excited to showcase the progress the EpicDuel team has made so far!


BioBeasts Bio

BioBeasts will be a free, single-player arcade-survival game for mobile devices (Android and iOS) where you control a mutating beast fighting to escape from a robot-controlled laboratory. You will control a variety of beasts as they try to escape from a lab run by the sadistic Alydriah. Defend yourself against a horde of robot guards, laboratory defenses, and hulking bosses as you claw, bite, blast, and bash your way to freedom! Unlock new beasts with special powers and obtain potent mutations to experiment with as the game progresses.

The team is already well into development and have a number of screenshots posted on their shiny new website:! Check it out and peruse the BioBeasts FAQ.


Be sure to post your questions and suggestions on the new site! The team will respond to your questions in a post on Friday (April 17). You can also follow all the exciting new announcements for BioBeasts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Bring on the BioBeasts!


December 12, 2014

NEW! Dragons are here!

Dragons is officially LIVE for Android devices on the Google Play App store! The Apple version is soon to follow!

Google Play:
Dragons Website:


new rpg game release adventure quest


October 10, 2014

NEW! The Curse of the Phantom Pixel is spreading!

Your screen is made of millions of pixels. At any moment... a pixel can die. An evil artist foolishly used dead pixels to create items in our 7 games... and as you know, things created from dead pixels are cursed.
To celebrate 12 years of Battling ON we are doing a huge company-wide event! Battle through AQWorlds, Epicduel, DragonFable, MechQuest, HeroSmash, Oversoul and AdventureQuest Classic to find all 13 items and lift the curse afflicting Yurei, a mysterious ghost haunting NorthPointe.

AdventureQuest Worlds: Collect 7 cursed artifacts* and merge them into the "Omni Artifact"!
AdventureQuest Classic: Shadowfire Axe of Curses
DragonFable: Cloak scrap artifact
MechQuest: Cursed Tape Mod
EpicDuel: Titan’s Doom Mug
HeroSmash: Hottica’s Cursed Flame Shield
OverSoul: Thok's Cursed Phoenix Blade Character

The AQWorlds' team combined our 6th birthday event with the Artix Entertainment 12th Anniversary all-game event, which means... YOU need to quest for 7 cursed artifacts:

Death’s Cursed Hourglass
Cysero’s Doom Sock
Unholy Wasabi
Cursed Chickencow Claw
Zorbak’s Haunted Skull (stolen from his staff)
Dragon Khan’s Corrupt Scepter
Sir Ver’s Cursed Power Button

Unlock the Ultimate Prize: the OmniKnight Blade!

Collecting the 13 artifacts and undoing the curse is a quest for the OmniKnights, our bravest players who play multiple AE games. This is not a quest for the faint of heart… but once complete, you will unlock the OmniKnight Blade in ALL 7 of our games!

Once you have reached all 7 game goals, a final “Get Prize Code” button will appear on your linked game accounts page. Click that to scan all of your accounts for the artifacts!

To unlock the OmniKnight Blade, you must:

Battle through all 7 games to gather the 13 cursed artifacts
Log in at our Portal Site and link all 7 of your game accounts
Go to the “Quests” section of the Portal Site and scan your game accounts
Log into each of your game accounts to unlock a shop with the OmniKnight Blade


June 12, 2014


Ends July 7, 2014

Get 10% more Artix Points when you purchase using any of the following payment methods:
Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Visa Delta/Debit/Electron
PayPal, Paymentez Credit Card


May 30, 2014

Guardian Feature: Item Tier Upgrading

"Rare" (and non-rare) Item Tier Level Upgrading!!
(needs a better name?!?)


Guardian characters can now upgrade many items to a higher tier with a quick purchase using Gold or Z-Tokens.  The upgrade cost is basically the shop price difference between the old and new tier.

This system works with AdventureQuest and WarpForce. You can use it to swap between no-drop Warp Guardian gear.

Check out this Forum Post for more info and detailed instructions.


March 18, 2014

NEW! Battle Gems is LIVE!

Our 1st major mobile game, BATTLE GEMS, has just gone live on the Apple App store! Get it now for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Be sure to help us by giving it lots of love and a 5 star rating. We are currently working on the Android port which is coming next!



February 17, 2014

February Golden Giftboxes!

Coming this week to the Golden Giftboxes is a TON of items from your favorite AE games!

Along with Nulgath and Sepulchur player faces coming to Warlic's Shop, we also have:

Battle Gems:
Gandolphin Spell
Land Shark Pet

Zorbo Pet
Crusaders Shining Repeater
Chibi Dragonoid Pet
Arthurian Shield

Randor Pet
Gatling Gun
Oblivinator Gun

Titan Blade
Botanical Staff
Azraels Reaper Pet
Deathbringer Spear

Dage's sword - Caladbolg
Bamboozle Pet
Demonmancer Armor

Nulgath Pet
Nulgath's Wrath Blade

Zarbie Scythe
Monolith Mace
Midnight Wish Blade

Golden Giftboxes can be purchased from Valencia in Battleon!


January 28, 2014

February Z-Token Package + LTS special!

Grab your Glass Cannon Pet while you can because it will soon be replaced as the bonus item that comes with the 12000 Z-Token package!

• Heart’s Crusher Mace can take control of your enemies with it’s special attack!
• Heart’s Defender Shield restores SP based on the % of your enemy's attacks that are blocked!
• You can also Burn your enemies when using the mace and shield together!
• Also don’t miss the devestating Voltaic Battle Axe coming to the Limited-Time Shop. Able to Stun your enemies with it’s powerful lightning storm attack!
• Plus new Shadow player faces are coming to Warlic’s Shop!


January 21, 2014

NEW! Winter 2014 Special Artix Points Bonus!

Buy a 10000 or larger Artix Points package and receive a special virtual prize code to redeem for Artix Game prizes! In Adventure Quest you gain access to the Greenguard Armory!

Greenguard Avenger: Blade used by the elite of the Greenguard Elves, this blade holds within it the mystical wrath of the forest.
Greenguard Defender: This shield creates a barrier of varying strength that raises and lowers your ability to block throughout a fight.


*This offer is retroactive. Any player that bought a 10,000+ points package since January 6th can also redeem their prize code to get the AQ game prizes.


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