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February 01, 2016

ZTokens Test Page


December 01, 2015

December Guardian Bonus!

Guardian Bonus!
Coming in December you will be able transform into a mighty Cyclone Guardian Dragon! This awesome armor comes FREE when you Guardianize any time during the month of December. Existing Guardians can find the armor in the Guardian Tower at a super discounted price! Grab this armor while you can because it will only be available until the end of December and then gone forever!

new rpg game release adventure quest


November 23, 2015

Join the AQ3D Kickstarter!

Just launched

Hiya guys! Artix here. We just launched a Kickstarter for AdventureQuest 3D! The love and support from our online community is overhwelming! Our goal is to raise enough to extend the our development time on AdventureQuest 3D and complete the game right.  It is off to an AMAZING start! As I write this we are currently the #3 most popular game project on Kickstarter. (#14 of all projects!) It is only the beginning of day #1 and our players have already knocked out 15% of the goal.  You guys are amazing!  Check out the video, and see our vision for the game. Back this project, or help spread word about this Kickstarter anywhere you can to help us finish AdventureQuest 3D. Battle on!

AQ3D Dragon

Check out the AdventureQuest 3D Kickstarter


November 19, 2015

NEW! Z-Token package bonus + Lolosia Rebuilt + November Golden Giftboxes

Z-Token Special!
UNTIL DECEMBER 1ST - Get an extra 50% more Z-Tokens when you purchase any Z-Token package!

A Town Comes Together!
The crooked merchant underestimated the resolve of Lolosia’s citizens. Don’t miss the completely rebuilt Lolosia! The final 2 items have been uncovered inside the pyramid - The Scarab Shield and Eye of Osiris Misc!

new rpg game release adventure quest

November Golden Giftboxes - Horn of Pwnage and French Vanilla Ice Katana!
• In the highlands of Dwarfhold live the AlpOrly? people. They use large horns to send simple messages over great distances, and sometimes as weapons.
• The Ice Katana! Forged by Yulgar, and given magical might by Warlic! How strange: this one smells like vanilla?

new rpg game release adventure quest


November 12, 2015

NEW! Pirate vs Pirate?

An Awkward Treasure Hunt Awaits!
A crooked merchant makes his way through Lolosia, selling maps to a vast treasure. Only issue is everyone in town bought a copy and are now fighting over who should find the treasure. Can you use your powers of persuasion to keep them from tearing each other apart long enough to find the treasure?

new rpg game release adventure quest


October 30, 2015

NEW! Ghost ‘n Moglins plus November Z-Token Package

Mogloween 2015!
A chill in the night air tells you Mogloween is here! Adventure door-to-door and collect tons of candy which you can then turn in for awesome rewards! This year you have some competition - Moglin Spirits are roaming around stealing candy! You'll have to track down the source of their otherworldly sweet tooth before all the candy vanishes! We also have new, permanent masks available for purchase at Warlic's Shop for a limited time. Also don’t miss the Soul Drinker Vampire Blade in the Limited-Time Shop.

new rpg game release adventure quest

November Z-Token Package!
• The King's Reign set is new bonus set that comes with the 50K Z-Token Package!
• This regal set comes with an armor, weapon, and shield!

new rpg game release adventure quest


October 21, 2015

NEW! Undead Assault is LIVE!

Undead Assault!

Just now, our newest infinite runner mobile game, Undead Assault, has launched on the Google Play and iOS app stores! This is a HUGE success for Kraken and everyone else who worked on or tested the game pre-launch! 


Important note: AQWorlds account linking is not live for Apple devices yet, but is coming very shortly. 
Help this game go viral faster than a zombie outbreak!  Please Like and share.

new rpg game release adventure quest

Artix's Golden Paladin Armor

Getting the 3X Daimyo upgrade will also unlock "Artix's Golden Paladin Armor" in AQWorlds.

new rpg game release adventure quest


May 06, 2015

AQ Fun Facts!

Battling through the hordes of dragons and undead have you ever thought to yourself I wonder what the rarest weapons in AQ are? Well thanks to the good Captain here are the top 10, excluding staff weapons. Any other fun facts you'd like to know about AQ? Let us know on the forum!

1. Frogzard Sword
2. Mage Soul
3. Mime Axe
4. Teardrop
5. Frigid Reaper
6. Circus Hammer
7. Glamdung
8. Cyber Shogun Odachi
9. Black Friday Battleaxe
10. Bitter Frost


April 14, 2015

New Mobile Game Announced!

A free single-player arcade-survival game coming soon

The creative minds behind the PvP MMO EpicDuel have teased about a "big, exciting announcement" for the past few weeks. But today is a very special day, because that well-kept secret is finally being revealed…  


Titan, Nightwraith, Charfade and Rabblefroth have been secretly developing a new mobile game entitled “BioBeasts” while also working on EpicDuel (woah, they must drink A LOT of coffee!). Today we’re excited to showcase the progress the EpicDuel team has made so far!


BioBeasts Bio

BioBeasts will be a free, single-player arcade-survival game for mobile devices (Android and iOS) where you control a mutating beast fighting to escape from a robot-controlled laboratory. You will control a variety of beasts as they try to escape from a lab run by the sadistic Alydriah. Defend yourself against a horde of robot guards, laboratory defenses, and hulking bosses as you claw, bite, blast, and bash your way to freedom! Unlock new beasts with special powers and obtain potent mutations to experiment with as the game progresses.

The team is already well into development and have a number of screenshots posted on their shiny new website:! Check it out and peruse the BioBeasts FAQ.


Be sure to post your questions and suggestions on the new site! The team will respond to your questions in a post on Friday (April 17). You can also follow all the exciting new announcements for BioBeasts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Bring on the BioBeasts!


December 12, 2014

NEW! Dragons are here!

Dragons is officially LIVE for Android devices on the Google Play App store! The Apple version is soon to follow!

Google Play:
Dragons Website:


new rpg game release adventure quest


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