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Privacy Policy

The short version:
We hate spam as much as you do. So we will not give, sell, or in any way communicate your email address to any 3rd parties.

Emails to you:
It is very important that we are able to establish a direct line of communication with you during the development of this game. Email will be a means of sending new quests, weapons, and monsters for you to try out. Nothing is in stone yet, but we are estimating one or two emails per week. We believe this will be really fun, but inevitably there will be someone who does not check their email for two months, then suddenly open it up to find a pile of messages from us. We will try to monitor things so this does not happen... but if it does, we warned you :-)

It is easy to be removed from our database. Simply follow the directions at the bottom of the last email you recieved. Be warned, this will permanently remove you and all of your characters from our database.

At some point in time we would like to pick up some sponsors for Lore. We will never give these sponsors your email addresses, however we may include promotional information about them in our future emails to you. Which would be awesome if we could get special deals for our players.

Changes to privacy policy:
This privacy policy will change several times before Lore is officially released. Rest assured that your email address will remain confidential as promised above. We are dead serious when we say we hate spam.

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