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The Universal Rules for the Artix Entertainment Forums- The Long Version

1) No profanity, inappropriate material, or content.
This is a family friendly game; we have players of all ages, including children. Do not post links to sites that have content rated more "mature" than PG-13 (Some PG-13 content, swearing and partial nudity in particular, is prohibited from the boards.). Profanity is strictly prohibited. Any material that is pornographic, sexually explicit, derogatory, or discriminates on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, color, creed, religion, lifestyle, or, any other material (includes nudity and offensive pictures) that may be deemed as objectionable in a public community environment, is strictly prohibited . Use of foul language, including swear words, real-world racial slurs, alternate spellings, and other language that is not consistent with the fantasy environment will be considered a disruption. Any swearing, whether spelled out, placed in an acronym, and/or censored (both self and through the forum) is prohibited. The existence of the built-in swear word filter does not mean you should let it do your editing for you. Just because the boards are PG-13, it does not allow you to violate these rules in any way. This includes offensively named accounts which may be deleted at any time.

2) No illegal content.
This includes linking to any sites that may violate the rules. If you have any doubts, whatsoever, about the appropriateness of the content you want to post, don't post it. This includes but is not limited to:
- adult oriented content
- content that breaks any laws
- copyright infringement (many MP3s, ROMs, etc.), warez, CD keys, cracks, passwords, serial numbers, etc.
- gambling and drugs
- hacking materials and information
- selling AQ Characters (property of Artix Entertainment, LLC.)
- terrorism (promotion/carrying it through)
- trojans, viruses, worms, and other such harmful things

3) You must not harass or abuse others.
Harassment is defined as specifically targeting another player or group of players to harm or inconvenience them. As harassment can take many forms, the moderators will make a determination as to whether or not a "reasonable person" would feel harassed and act accordingly.

Actions which would be considered abuse include but are not limited to:
3.1) Sexual Abuse or Harassment - untoward and/or unwelcome advances of a graphic and sexual nature. This includes, but is not limited to, virtual rape, overt sexual overtures, and stalking of a sexual nature

3.2) Attempting to Defraud - petitioning with false information with the intent of receiving benefits as a result. This includes reporting player misconduct without basis for it.

3.3) Impersonating a Moderator - falsely representing yourself to another player as an AQ Staff Member (on or off the BattleOn server or on chat)

3.4) Personnel Abuse - includes but is not limited to sending excessive private messages or e-mails to a moderator or staff member, making physical threats, or using abusive language against a moderator

3.5) Fellow Users - 3.3 and 3.4 also apply to fellow users on the AQ boards.

4) No flaming (inflammatory speech).
Any speech or inference, direct or indirect, that constitutes a personal attack against another individual or group is prohibited. Do not insult other users for their ideas/opinions no matter how ridiculous they may be. Snide remarks will not be tolerated.

5) No spamming.
Unsolicited promotion of other web sites, or products, is spam. The occasional post about a game, (we all love games) allowed only in The OOC Room, but no advertising your uncle's Avon catalog site, etc. Please keep our forums free of unsolicited advertisement or product promotion. Posting referral/recruitment/trick links is strictly prohibited. Do not create threads on a topic that is already being discussed. Make sure to read all forum and sub-forum descriptions and their rules before posting new threads to ensure that you follow the rules and post in the correct place.

Spam also includes (This does not mean limited to. If a mod determines that something is spam, it is spam.)
- any posts that serve no purpose and/or fail to contribute to the overall productiveness of a thread (includes off topic posts),
- posts bumping/reviving threads,
- double/multiple posting,
- posting in all caps and/or other pointless formatting,
- excessive use of smileys (three per post maximum),
- threads targeted at one person/a few people (use PM, e-mail, or IM instead - If no information is provided, nothing can be done.)
- general conversation (posts that serve little purpose on the boards, content that is better off in private ("How are you doing?", "I'm fine.", etc.), same as the above)
- and excessive quoting (quoting the post immediately above you, quoting a quote, and quote pyramids).

6) Stay on topic.
While Artix Entertainment games respect and appreciate your privilege to free expression the fact remains that our games are topical in nature. As such the posting of material should remain at all times within a board that is topically appropriate. It is not, for example, appropriate to role-play in the game discussion forum, nor is it appropriate to post stories (think books, novellas, short stories, etc.) in the role-play (acting as a character, like your character from AQ) forum. Please keep replies and posts topical to the board on which they are posted or they will be removed. Remember to read each the description of each place, the guides, and any pinned (stickied) topics before posting. Do a search if you want to ask a question or start a new thread to make sure that it hasn't been posted before.

7) No trolling.
In other words, don't post pointless replies to every thread that someone writes, also considered spam. If you don't have any serious things to contribute to the conversation, stay out of it. Please try to keep your replies relevant to the topic you are replying to. If they are asking about Zards, do not start going on about your pet snail Snoopy or your great thirst for orange juice. Do not post anything intended to provoke someone. Be nice, and make the forums better for everyone.

8) No whining.
Whining is defined as "an attack upon an idea, concept or problem, without offering a counter-idea, alternative concept, or a solution" or anything along the lines of "It's not fair." Any and all whining is strictly prohibited. Ideas are welcome, however, attacking ideas without offering constructive criticism is counter productive. Complaining about things the server cap, not being a Guardian/X-Guardian, something not being available in shops, sig limit, and the game not being updated often enough is not tolerated either. Accounts created for whining will be banned. Note: Whining about not being able to play DragonFable will not be tolerated.

9) No begging.
Do not ask anyone to upgrade your character (both Guardian and X-Guardian upgrades). Do not ask for someone else's account information. This includes via the forum, PM, and chat. Accounts created for begging will be banned. Do not ask to become a admin, mod, etc. Asking is the best way to not become one. This includes heavily hinting at it and joking about it. No trades of any kind are allowed.

10) No announcing/offering upgrades.
Do not announce that you've upgraded someone (neither Guardian/X-Guardian), PM them instead. Also, do not offer to upgrade anyone to either Guardian of X-Guardian. Although it's kind to do so in either case, both generate far too much spam and whining.

11) No spoilers.
Spoilers are not to be posted anywhere. These are fun things for users to find for themselves. There's a short list below. If you're not sure if what you want to post is a spoiler or not, PM a mod first. Quoting someone else will also be considered a spoiler. Each user is responsible for what they post. Do not beg for them either.

12) Submission of Ideas
Submitting ideas does not in any way mean your ideas, art, etc. will be used or included in any way. Any ideas submitted to Artix Entertainment, LLC (AE) are free to be used by AE as desired.

13) Signatures
Signatures are a privilege. Any sigs that do not follow the rules will be removed. Advertising your clan is strictly prohibited. This includes no "join my clan," "check out my clan," "click the link in my sig," or other similar wordings. Clans sigs that do not advertise are allowed. Do not post telling people to look at anyone's sig. These posts will be deleted. It may also result in thread deletion. Sigs, if used and are text only, should be no more than six lines of text. Please remain brief and to the point. The maximum total sig size (all images and text combined) is 500 pixels (length) x 100 pixels (height). The maximum total file size is 50KB, as it will cause the page to load slowly, especially for low bandwidth users.). "Viral" Signatures (ie signatures which ask or tell others to include them in their signature) are forbidden. Only use your sig once per page maximum; stricter rules may apply. Overused sigs will be removed.
Note: to add an image use:


14) Account Responsibility
You are fully responsible for your own account and protection of your password. Statements such as "My friend/sister/brother/dog was using my account." are not acceptable as an explanation for the violation of any rule. If you share your account with someone and they break the rules, it will be treated the same as if you broke the rules yourself. It is also your responsibility to keep the account up to date, particularly the e-mail. If you use an e-mail that you rarely check, it is no one's fault but your own if you miss important notices from the AE staff. The same applies to using an invalid e-mail. Once again, your account and password are your responsibility and no one else's.

15) No cheating/hacking.
Cheaters and hackers are not tolerated in the community and will face severe punishment. This includes not exploiting any bugs or attempting to access another person's forum account.

16) Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts are not allowed on the board. There is no reason for them, and the accounts will be banned.

17) No plagiarism.
This should not even need to be in the rules. Do not take credit for someone else's work.

18) Read and follow staff messages.
If staff or moderators post rules specific to a board, they must be obeyed. Staff give their own time to keep the boards running smoothly. Failure to comply with their requests is grounds for deletion. If asked by a member of Staff to stop or change a behavior or action, you will do so. It is the job of Staff to keep the forums clean, so don't think that they're "out to get you". Users will find their time on the board much more enjoyable when they follow the rules and address Staff politely (This does NOT include something that seems polite but is meant to provoke...).

19) No backseat/mini-modding.
This includes demanding that a user delete his/her post and/or getting the thread locked (e.g. Delete your post! This thread should be locked.). Any action where the user attempts to take over for a mod anywhere on a sub-forum without explicit permission may be considered mini-modding. This is especially true when the user only posts to do so. If someone has posted in a forum where it might be hard to determine what topic belongs there, post with advice addressing the question and suggesting (Note: NOT demanding) that the user post in the appropriately named forum. Posting in a particularly troublesome thread will likely get you into as much trouble as other users. The best way to take care of rule violations is to PM a mod. Only PM the mods once per violation. It is the responsibility of the mods and the sub-mod groups to enforce the rules. Please make sure to PM the correct person in the sub-mod groups, as they can only moderate in specific boards and are not global moderators. Please do not hinder them by posting in threads that need moderator action. It only serves to revive the thread and create even more of a hassle.

20) Staff may delete and lock messages at their discretion.
Part of the job of moderators is to keep the boards clean. Messages deemed inappropriate, old, or off topic may be deleted/locked by moderators at any time.

21) Foreign Languages
While we realize that AQ is played internationally, the boards are english-only and do not allow any foreign languages, unless a translation is provided.

22) Other Rules
If you are told by a moderator to stop, you cannot claim that it was not stated in the rules. It is impossible and impractical to list every rule possible. Also, the determination of things such as flaming are dependent on the mod, not the users. Any complaints involving attempts to find loop holes in the rules and complaining that it was not explicitly stated in the rules will not be considered. Decisions about what is considered begging, spam, whining, etc. are determined by each admin and mod, NOT the users. The boards are not to be used as your own message system. That is what PMs are for. Threads directed at and/or inquiring about one person are not allowed.

AdventureQuest and DragonFable Inspired Websites - Read this for important information about AQ and DF inspired websites.

User Rating System

Rules Enforcement
When any of the above rules are violated or supposed violation occurs, Artix Entertainment Staff will, at their sole discretion, determine an appropriate remedy with or without communicating the warnings or results of the remedies taken. This includes but is not limited to verbal warnings, written warnings, temporary account suspension, permanent account suspension, server bans, and legal action.

In the event that an action is communicated to the transgressing user, the player will have an opportunity to appeal for a review of the decision within ninety (90) days time, otherwise, no such review is applicable. It is the responsibility of the user to stay up-to-date on the rules.

Access to this server and any of its related products is a privilege and not a right! The staff of this community moderate the server to their best of their ability and at their own discretion. Attacks upon their decisions or non-constructive arguments will be completely ignored.
There are several partial-mod groups now. ArchKnights is the primary and largest group. They work closely with the mods and have a very good idea about what they are doing. Their warnings are to be taken as seriously as you would take a moderators. If an AK warning is ignored, a mod will become involved in resolving the dispute.

Account Problems
If you have any problems with your account, first consider if it was a possible mistake. Then, check the boards for information about the problem through browsing or using the Search feature. If you have a problem with the forums and cannot find your answer on any of the help pages, please click here.

Ban Evasion
This only applies to temporary bans. The first incident will result in double the ban length. The second will be a permanent ban.

E-Mail/Private Message (PM)
Remember that PM abuse will result in an immediate loss of that privilege. If you choose to hide your e-mail, provide an invalid e-mail address, disable PMs, and/or let your PM box reach its maximum capacity, the staff is not responsible for you lacking information about your account. As stated in Rules Enforcement above, the staff are in no way obligated to notify you of their actions in the first place. The times that they do this (nearly all of the time) is out of courtesy. Respect that.

Cheater Accusations
1) Do not post on the boards. Make sure that the person really is cheating before even thinking about accusing that person. This means that a character with more gold than yours is not always a cheater. You may want to contact a mod and ask them about it first.
2) Gather information about the cheater: character ID page, username, reasons they are suspected of cheating, and any other information that might prove to be useful.
3)Send an e-mail to cheaters.

All game play related questions are answered on the forums. There are several faqs, encyclopedias, and beastiaries available.

Visit the forums now!



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