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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you need help with your account, a payment, or have a question? This is the place to find answers!

Account Questions
I'm having a login problem, can you help?

If you are having a login problem, it could be as simple as sending you your password or updating your email. If you are not sure why you cannot login, please visit the I can't login! Help Page. You can also email us through there if you need further assistance.

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I think my account was hacked, what now?

If you cannot login and think your account was hacked, stolen or lost, we can help! Please visit the My Account is hacked, stolen or lost! Help Page and send us the information we request so we can recover your account for you.

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What do I do if my account is disabled?

We are sorry if your account is disabled. For more information why an account is disabled, please visit the My account is disabled! Help Page. You can also email us through there if you need further assistance.

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I'm in the cheater's clan, how can I be removed?

If have characters on your account that are in the cheater's clan, it is because you broke one of our rules. Please visit the My Account is in the Cheater's Clan! Help Page for more information. You can also email us through there if you need further assistance.

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How do I change the email/password/name of my account or my character name?

If you need to change your email, password or name on your account or need more information on how to change your character name in game, please visit the Account Help Section of our Help Page. Under Account Management, we have help pages on how to do all of these things!

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Do you delete accounts?

We sometimes delete very old accounts that are not being used. We only remove low level, non-guardian character accounts. (By low level we mean under level 20, not accessed in the past year.) We never delete any accounts that have a Guardian character or any payments. If you can't find an old account/character you had, please visit the My Account is hacked, stolen or lost! Help Page so we can help you!

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Can I transfer anything between characters or accounts?

We cannot transfer anything between accounts or characters including Guardianship, items, Z-Tokens, gold, etc. Players cannot trade or transfer anything to other players in-game.

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I lost my stuff, what do I do?

We are sorry you lost your stuff. More information about this can be found in the I lost my equipment, items, Z-Tokens, etc! Help Page.

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Can I share my account with family members or friends?

We do not allow any kind of account sharing. Here is our help page with more information how to purchase an Artix Points Gift Certificate for a friend or relative so they can purchase an AdventureQuest upgrade.

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Upgrade/Payment Questions
What payment methods do you accept for the Guardian/X-Boost upgrades and for Z-Tokens?

We offer PayPal, credit/debit card payments via PayPal, mail in payments, or you can purchase any AdventureQuest upgrades with Artix Points. More information and how to pay can be found in our Payment Help Section.

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How do I upgrade another character on my account to a Guardian?

Guardianship applies to one character of your choice! If you would like another character to be a Guardian, you are welcome to purchase another Guardianship! AdventureQuest now offers a discount for purchasing a Guardianship for any additional characters on your account that has your Guardian character for only $10!

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Where is the upgrade I purchased?

Did you purchase an upgrade and didn't receive it yet? Please visit the I paid for an upgrade but I haven't received it! Help Page for more information.

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What is your refund policy?

You can read Artix Entertainment's Refund Policy here.

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I have a payment issue not answered here, what now?

If you have another payment issue that is not addressed here, please email us.

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Game/Technical Questions
I started getting zero experience and zero gold in battle! Why is that?

If you started receiving 0 experience and 0 gold in battle it is because we have a daily experience cap. This means that your character has reached its daily limit of experience and gold. If a character goes over the limit, the next battle reward will be zero gold and/or experience. The tracking is separate for gold and experience, so someone farming for experience may keep earning gold after they hit the max experience cap. The experience and gold caps are 10% higher for X-Guardians because of the X-Boost.

The daily reset time is at Midnight, server time. After midnight, you can start gaining experience and gold again.

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Where can I find out about something in-game?

If you need more information about something in-game, please visit our Game Help Section for Information about the game (and its expansion WarpForce), about the staff and BattleOn Forums information can be found there.

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How do I become a tester or staff member for the game?

Please visit the How do I become a tester or staff member? Help Page for more information about becoming a tester or staff member for AdventureQuest.

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How do I report an in-game bug/glitch?

Please report any AdventureQuest Bugs to the AdventureQuest Bug Forum. Staff members check the forums every day and if they need more information about a specific bug, they will reply to your post.

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Can I use cheats/3rd party software/trainers to play AdventureQuest?

No, you cannot. We do not allow players to use any cheats/3rd party software/trainers to play our game. That would make the game unfair for other players and could cause issues in the game and your account to be put in the cheater's clan or even disabled!

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I have a technical problem with the game, what do I do?

Closing your browser, and re-logging into the game, fixes most problems. Try clearing your temporary internet files/cache if the problem is specific to an item, quest, or monster not loading. Make sure that the latest Flash plugin is installed for your browser. Also, you can try using a different browser or computer to help narrow down the problem.

Please visit the I have a technical problem with the game! Help Page for more tips on how to fix your issue. You can also email us for further assistance.

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Misc. Questions
How do I contact someone for help?

Most of our help pages have email forms! Emailing is the fastest and easiest way to get help and all emails are answered the same business day or the next business day, unless we have high email volume or it's a US holiday - then it can take up to 3 business days. All emails are answered by real people – we don't use fancy robots! More information can be found in our Contact Us Page.

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