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June 20, 2013

A Mid-Summer Knight's Dream Pt 2

This week, we release the first five levels of the new Knight Class!

In the first five levels of the class quest, you are a new recruit seeking to become a Knight. You are entrusted with a difficult task: Stormfallen is seeking a powerful demonic artifact that would amplify its user’s power. You must retrieve the artifact and hide it in a new location until it can be purified of its demonic energy. But a Demon Lord (the most powerful Demon Knights are called “Demon Lords”) is hot on your tail! Will you defeat him and hide the artifact as instructed? Will you keep its power for yourself? Or will you willingly hand it over to the Demon Lord to get in good with the legions of Stormfallen? This choice influences some of the later training quests, and leads into the big decision once you’ve reached Lvl 5....what kingdom will you choose?

The new Knight Class features some very unique attributes that I'll discuss here. Firstly, this is the first class that will utilize our new scaling system: it starts at Lvl 40 power and scales to Lvl 70. Second, you will be using a brand new roster of skills. The old skills have been thrown out in favor of a brand new set of skills that I designed personally. These new skills make Knight one of the best tanking armors for its level in the game. Third, some of the class's unique skills benefit greatly from recent modifications to the game engine.

After this release, we will continue to add to the Knight Class throughout the summer by dedicating a week to each kingdom. For those of you who have done your math, yes, that means you'll be seeing FOUR more weeks of Knight Class after this! And now you finally understand the pun of this DN's title: this is essentially the Summer of Knight Class. :P

And finally, if you're a high level player and aren't interested in all of this because a Lvl 70 armor isn't useful to you, I would like to make a recommendation that you keep a sharp eye on this class as it continues to be updated throughout the summer. Not only do we have plans to include you in these releases at a later date, but some of this class's influence rubbed off on my work on the Paladin class (and also on Archknight, though that's much later down the road), so you'll be seeing some of these skills again some day.

Part 1 of the Knight Class is coming this Friday!



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