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Welcome to the action-packed, fully animated RPG world of AdventureQuest!

The best free online fantasy RPG on the net! You won't find many games like it. No downloads are needed to play. When you need a dose of fun action and adventure, log in to AQ and wow your friends and family with your character's power!

Create a free New Account and play right away. Battle to save the world, or for fame, gold and power... it's all up to you!


June 11, 2018

Bug Fixes and More!

Bug Fixes and More:
As we continue to work on a series of amazing releases for AQ's Epic Summer, we take a week to squash a backlog of various bugs and graphical glitches... and change the woodchips in our server hamster's cage. You also can now get the powerful Hydro Badelaire guest in the Limited-Time Shop at a 50% off discount!  This guest syncs up with you when called, and is able to draw on your DEX to strike with greater accuracy than most guests when you have a high DEX stat!

new rpg game release adventure quest

June 11, 2018

NEW! Chessmaster Saga + June Golden Giftboxes!

Chessmaster Saga - Darkness Orb:
AQ's Epic Summer continues with the return of one of our biggest adventures ever! In chess, there is no greater advantage than knowing your opponent and their patterns.  And while the beasts and their mistress remain enigmatic in their search for the Prime Orbs, the next orb is showing up in very familiar hands indeed.  But will that be enough of an advantage to secure it?

new rpg game release adventure quest

June Golden Giftboxes:
We have released a trio of winners from the Design-a-Board Contest! So grab your Surfboard, Shortboard and Kneeboard and shred some waves while you can as all 3 will be leaving in August.

June 07, 2018

NEW! Dragon War + Golden Developer Ticket Event!

Dragons Gone Wild:
Unknown to Galanoth, the recently slain dragon terrorizing the village of Cabbleton was a favorite pet of a witch. Now the angry witch has placed a curse on Galanoth - transforming him into the massive dragon, Galarung! You must find a way to save Galanoth and  the village of Cobbleton, while fighting off the dragon forces!

new rpg game release adventure quest

Golden Developer Ticket Event:
We are once again offering a chance to win a Golden Developer Ticket! For every Golden Giftbox purchased you'll have a chance to win the ultimate prize, working with an AQ artist to design a custom, personal pet.* The more Golden Giftboxes you open the more chances you have to win! Contest ends July 1st!

new rpg game release adventure quest

*Nothing game-breaking, ie. insane stats or abilities. No multiple forms.

June 02, 2018

Morningstar Set Update!

The Morningstar Set:
Many heros have fallen victim to the wretched Meduso's stoney gaze, forever trapping them in his lair. Join Xymon Beaumont, patriarch of the Morningstar Clan, and battle your way through Castle Wolvania. Navigate your way through the massive castle to face Meduso, and unlock the powers of the Morningstar set!

June Z-Token Package:
The Megathirio Axe and Shield are a free bonus when you purchase the 12K Z-Token package! This frigid axe features Melee and Magic damage types, or transforms into a throwing axe for Ranged damage. When combined with the shield in battle they become a devestating combo!

new rpg game release adventure quest

NEW! Neko Subrace Finale + Limited-Time Shop Special!

Neko Subrace Finale:
Unlock high-level and elemental variants of the Neko Subrace armors as you take on Luna and Sol's final challenge! You have been so successful in your Neko duties The Haven has flourished greatly. So much so that the Haven must expand! Nekos seek to live in harmony with their surroundings, and cannot overextend their resources. Now you must find a suitable location for the new Haven and build everything a Neko Haven requires. Sol and Luna must have a great deal of faith in you as this is no easy task, and will require all the cunning and powers you have acquired as a Neko.

Limited-Time Shop:
With the Morningstar Set update right around the corner, preview part of the update and grab your own Holy Chain Whip in the Limited-Time Shop! Also find an amazing new version of the Memorial Shield.

new rpg game release adventure quest

NEW! Starter pack!

New to the game or looking to make a new character? Need a jump on questing for adventure? Well we now have you covered with a new starter pack!

*All equipment is around level 50, but can be used by any level character


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