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The Martial Artist character class is our most ambitious class yet, with a total of 25 possible abilities to learn across 5 -- count'em, FIVE -- class armors!

So to help guide your way through this complex class, here is a step-by-step explanation of how it works. (It is explained fairly well in the quest itself, but just in case...)

Mercuria, Pae, and the Drakel named Vince

The first steps!

Find Martial Artist training on the Travel Map. You need to be Level 30. In many cases it only takes a few hours of playing time to reach Level 30, so even if you aren't there yet, you will be soon! You must also completely train the base Fighter class. We changed the base classes so that even Adventurers can train them fully to level 10.

Now that you are in the quest, do whatever you must to reach the Temple on the mountain!

Along the way you will get the White Gi, the basic Martial Artist class armor. Follow the Master's instructions and train this armor fully to the level 5 ability. Once you do this, you will be a master of the Crouching Frogzard school!


The 4 Advanced Schools!

After mastering the Crouching Frogzard abilities, you can now train in one of 4 OTHER advanced schools of Martial Arts! They are:

Gogg Claw--

Master: Lady Akai

Focus: Rapid flurries of blows, but weaker in defense than other advanced schools.

Special Weapons: Hook Blade, Talon Blade

Fist of the Troll Club--

Master: Boog

Focus: Single, massive-damage strikes, but at a cost of accuracy.

Special Weapons: Orcish Katana, Orcish No-Dachi

Dragon's Breath--

Master: O-Ebi-Sama

Focus: Use of "chi" strikes; channeling your energy (mana) into magical enhancements and attacks.

Special Weapons: The 8 Quans (Elemental Fists that regenerate SP each turn!), Fist of Legend (an Elemental Fist that does different damage depeneding on which Martial Artist armor you are wearing and regens SP each turn!)

Slithering Sneak--

Master: Drayson

Focus: Defensive martial arts and counter-attacks.

Special Weapons: Telescoping Sword, Telescoping Fang


Re-training in another advanced school!

Once you train fully in one of the advanced schools, you will get invited to the ultimate Tournament of Martial Artists. See if you can beat this challenge!

In order to learn the abilities of a different advanced school. you will first have to remove the top 5 level abilities from your current class armor. You will keep the 5 Crouching Frogzard abilities, however. Then you can choose a new advanced school to train in and master that one!

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