Cysero for President!

Bag Space:

Cysero has been a long time champion of increased bag space for all players! He is dedicated to the idea that additional inventory space should be made as available as possible to all players at the lowest possible cost, without hurting DragonFable. This campaign began early in his political career when he won a small but significant victory, and released the first 5 additional inventory slots in his store. It's been an uphill battle, but Cysero has never shied away from a fight!

Dragon Coins:

In his travels, Cysero has to trade with entities all over the multiverse, and one of the most universally recognized currencies in all worlds is the Dragon Coin, the ancient coinage once used by the dragons of Lore. It is not known exactly how many Dragon Coins he has stockpiled over the years, but it is assumed that Cysero sleeps on a two story mountain of them. The Dragon Coin trade system ensures that even free players can have access to the most powerful weapons and items available. Cysero stands for equal opportunities for all players!


Cysero for President!

Dragon Amulets:

Cysero wants you to buy a Dragon Amulet. If you have one, buy another one. If you have six... buy one for a friend. If you have no friends, buy one for your cat.

Social Security:

Cysero believes that a secure society is a healthy society. He has proposed a revolutionary six point plan that basically boils down to everyone staying inside their houses and in their beds, all warm and cozy. What's more secure than a warm bed?

Health Care:

As a supporter of a more socialized health care system, Cysero believes that people should just stop getting sick. It would save everyone a lot of time and effort, especially the sick and the doctors. As far as free dental care goes, Dr. Voltabolt is the only dentist that Cysero has ever met on Lore. Fewer choices means simpler decisions!

Design Notes:

Cysero has been an active participant in the Design Notes for more than a year. He has tried every trick he can imagine to get Artix to check the date before he posts, and to correct his Post Scripts (P.P.S not P.S.S.) to no avail. When elected, Cysero will continue this campaign with renewed vigor and assures everyone that he can fix the problems with Artix's brain.


Cysero knows that the finest magical training available can be found in the Mage Tower in the city of Swordhaven. Cysero has proposed a modest portal building campaign that will allow young mages all over Lore faster access to the Mage Tower. Over the course of the next several decades, the mages of Swordhaven would toil and labor to mine the necessary rare elements and stone - and build, by hand, each portal. He has been told that it would be far faster to hire workers who know what they are doing to build the portals, but he thinks it would be funnier to watch the pasty mages work with their hands for a while.

Mole People:

Cysero believes that the greatest threat to Lore is the Mole People who live near the center of the world. Their vast underground city, he says, lies directly beneath the vast underground city of the Spider People whose city lies directly beneath Falconreach. No proof to support his claims has ever been produced.


Cysero isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty! He knows that chores are a vital part of any functional household, and is more than willing to do his part. He just has this thing about his laundry. It just kind of piled up on him, which was weird because he wasn't IN the tower-- then it came to life. Chasing around living dirty laundry is a lot harder than it looks... and he wishes that Warlic would just relax a little.

Funny Hats:

Cysero is a vocal supporter of funny hats. He has a small funny hat collection that he is not ashamed of showing off.



A Cheese Danish... Just Because

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