Cysero for President!


His morality is unquestioned...

His wisdom is renowned...

His powers are powerful...

His hair is awesome...

Ask whatever questions you may have of Cysero, and you shall be answered (whatever answer he feels like giving you at the time!) Ask your question, then push the "Answer" button.


Cysero wants to spread his message of hope, unity and antidisenchantmentalism -- and only YOU (and all of your friends, relatives, colleagues, roommates, enemies, and remotest of acquaintances) can help!

When the red thermometer is full that means Cysero's message has spread around the entire world! Well, all of the computers in the entire world, anyway. Just forward a link to this site to anyone and everyone you know and watch as the thermometer miraculously fills up, as if by magic, before your very eyes!


About Cysero

Cysero is a master weaponsmith and mage, based out of his superstore in Falconreach. He first became interested in weapons when, as a child, he saved up money to buy a puppy -- instead, he bought a battle axe, a yo-yo, and a handful of pigeon feathers.

It was love at first sight for young Cysero, and he worked hard to become the best warrior that he could. Several self-inflicted life-threatening injuries later, Cysero realized that his real passion lay in creating weapons and other magical items, rather than swinging them about.

He began his formal training in magic a few years later, and quickly proved that he was nowhere near responsible enough to wield the devastating powers already at his command, but by then his magic was far too powerful for anyone to safely say anything about it.

Eventually, the other members of the magic community began to realize that Cysero was far too interested in his generally harmless experiments and weaponsmithing to be considered a serious threat and decided to drop the whole idea of trying to stop him.

Now, Cysero travels this and other worlds looking for the next new material to craft a magical weapon out of, or looking for his next chance to bend or break the laws of physics and magic as we understand them.

Some people say that absolute power corrupts absolutely, but Cysero says, "There are no such things as absolutes, and you're a total nitwit if you think that I'm wrong!"

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