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Welcome to the action-packed, fully animated RPG world of AdventureQuest!

The best free online fantasy RPG on the net! You won't find many games like it. No downloads are needed to play. When you need a dose of fun action and adventure, log in to AQ and wow your friends and family with your character's power!

Create a free New Account and play right away. Battle to save the world, or for fame, gold and power... it's all up to you!


December 14, 2017

NEW! Frostval continues + December Golden Giftboxes!

Missing Gifts?:

Dear hero,

I desparitly need your help! Pwesents and ornaments are disappearing! No one has seen Frosty Rick in a week, it's padamownium! Please come to Frostvale immediately!!!

Your fwiend,

After receiving this urgent message from Chilly, you set out to visit the little village of Frostvale.

COMING FRIDAY! December Golden Giftboxes:

This is your final chance to grab the Lumenomancer Blade before it is gone forever. This month we bring you 2 amazing armors to get you in the Frostval Spirit!

December 08, 2017

NEW! Decorate the Battleon Tree + Nilak's Donation Drive!

Decorate the Battleon Tree:
Winter has arrived in Battleon and with it a new tree to decorate. So get yourself in the Frostval spirit as you battle your way through the snow and monsters to find trinkets to adorn the new tree! Be sure to grab your giftboxes in the Guardian Tower as we wait to see what awesome items will be unwrapped!

Nilak's Donation Drive:
Nilak, loyal winter wolf of the Animal King, is on a secret mission and heard there were very generous players that call Battleon home! Animal King is seeking donations for both gold and z-tokens and he is offering incredible rewards that will unlock as both meters fill. If both meters reach 100% a super amazing prize will be unlocked - the Neko subrace!

December 01, 2017

NEW! Crossroads + Guardian Giftboxes

Holiday Sales Event!
From Tuesday the 21st to Sunday the 3rd ALL Z-Token items and Golden Giftbox 10 packs are 50% off!

Crossroads update and Guardian Giftboxes:
The Crossroads, our largest travel hub has recieved a complete makeover! Travel to many unique places in the pursuit of rewards and riches. Stop by the Yonder to battles creatures of all kinds or check out the new Farmlands and say hi to Farmer Emily. You now have a greater chance at finding a piece of the Blade of Awe with the more quests you complete. Be sure to grab your giftboxes in the Guardian Tower as we wait to see what awesome items will be unwrapped!

November 18, 2017

Huge Sales Event + Harvest Fest + December Z-Token package!

Holiday Sales Event!
From Tuesday the 21st to Sunday the 3rd ALL Z-Token items and Golden Giftbox 10 packs are 50% off!

Harvest Festival - Feather Version:
It's time for the yearly Harvest Festival! Gather up an offering to Serenia the Harvest Goddess so that we have enough food to survive the harsh winter! Things look like they're going smoothly - especially after two years ago when we got mutant saladmandrs attacking - so things should be just peachy this year! Except... what's Hirroo doing skulking around with that Wind Orb?

Guardian Upgrade Pricing - $10.00 for "ALT" characters!

We have changed the pricing on AQ Guardian upgrades to be:
$10 when upgrading additional characters on an account that already has at least one Guardian character.

That is a 50% discount on upgrading more characters on the same account!

NEW! Frostval gear!

To celebrate the holiday we have added many guests at a discount!

NEW! December Z-Token Package - Champion of the Energy Realm

December Z-Token Package - Champion of the Energy Realm:
A new bonus armor that comes with the 50000 Z-Token Package.
Granted to champions, wreathed in savage lightning, this set grants excellent resistance to Energy and possesses superior attack power. When combined, the full set will incapacitate foes with lightning!
Limited Time package: Offer ends January 3rd, 2018

new rpg game release adventure quest

Upgrade Your Action Adventure RPG


Get 1000 FREE Z-TOKENS, plus the powerful Guardian armor and Guardian Blade, and unlock hundreds of items and quests now! NEW GUARDIAN ITEMS: The Armor of Awe and Shield of Awe, as well as the UltraGuardian Plate have recently become available to Guardians!

Z-TOKENS: Get powered-up!

Z-Tokens are special coins you can use to buy the most powerful items! You earn some Z-Tokens from battles, and you can also buy Z-Tokens. NEW: Talk to Valencia in town and get the deadly Grave Crowder weapons!

Turn Fantasy Into Reality: Special Deals

AEXtras!: Complete an AEXtras special offer to earn free Z-Tokens!

GUARDIAN BONUS PACKAGES: If you have been a Guardian for 6 months or longer you are now eligible for Bonus Z-Token Packages

NEW: Official AQ Friend Referral System! When you invite your friends to AQ, each day they play, you will receive a bonus % amount of the gold and XP they earn! To get your friend referral link log into the Manage Account page, and select "Invite a Friend"

GIFT CERTIFICATES! Perfect for the holidays! Get a gift for a friend today!

Best RPG Character Classes

Martial Artist

Log in now and find the Martial Artist class on the Travel map! Train in the basic Crouching Frogzard style and then specialize in one of 4 advanced schools-- a total of 25 possible abilities!

Levelable Shapeshifting

Sail East on the Travel map to Gnuvain's Abode, and learn the magic of shapeshifting! Unlock 11 monster transformations, including Frogzard, Two-Bear, and even Gogg!

And Many More!
The three base character classes (Fighter, Mage and Rogue) are open for everyone. Several advanced classes are now open, including Ninja, Knight, and Wizard, Dragonslayer and Vampire.

Coming soon...
AdventureQuest updates with new content (quests, wars, special events, items, monsters) every week, 52 weeks a year! Come back often so you don't miss a thing.


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