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Welcome to the action-packed, fully animated RPG world of AdventureQuest!

The best free online fantasy RPG on the net! You won't find many games like it. No downloads are needed to play. When you need a dose of fun action and adventure, log in to AQ and wow your friends and family with your character's power!

Create a free New Account and play right away. Battle to save the world, or for fame, gold and power... it's all up to you!


March 18, 2018


Big Monster Hunt - Fire Edition:
Ancient fire monsters are spreading flames throughout the Farthwark Wood, threatening to chase the natural creatures from their homes! Battle each one for the protection of the forest. Collect 10 each of their fallen essences to unlock amazing rewards based on the type of monster defeated!

March 14, 2018

NEW! Blarney War 2018 + March Golden Giftboxes!

Blarney War 2018 - The Nina-chauns:
With the help of an instructional video, Shinobi Sham has trained his leprechauns in the ways of the ninja. Creating a merciless army of gold-thieving assassins. You must defeat the leprechaun forces before there is no more gold left on Lore! There is also a special player face reward for the players with the top 25 individual war kills.

March Golden Giftboxes - Mirror Caladbolg and Ragnarok:
Continuing the celebration of all things Dage, we have added Mirror Caladbolg and Ragnarok to the Golden Giftboxes!

March 09, 2018

NEW! Neko Mansion Estate + More!

Neko Mansion Estate:
Due to the insane generosity of players during Nilak's Donation Drive, not only were all the reward goals met, but also extra prizes were unlocked such as the solid gold Neko armor and Neko mansion Estate! So head over to the Neko House Shop and find the sprawling Neko Mansion Estate.

We are running a suggestion contest for a new House Guard and reward until April 1st. Click here for details!

March 02, 2018

NEW! Large Housing Update + March Z-Token packages!

Large Housing Update:
One of the largest updates to player housing since they were introduced has arrived! Some updates include: all Estate Grounds will be receiving an extra plot space, a counter to show how many trees are needed to be cleared before building your home and many other improvements to art and functionality. Tired of pesky looters visiting your home? Well move on up to the skies over Lore with the new Skycastle Mansion Estate. Become king of your own castle with this royal dwelling! Complete with regal decor, the King's Song blade and Royal Raven Guest. Also don't miss the new Beanstalk estate item that gives you an extra estate grounds in the clouds, doubling your available estate plots at max level!

Protoparagon MK2 and MK3 Sets:
2 amazing sets have been added to the 50k Z-Token packages to celebrate Dage's birthday! Each Protoparagon Set features an armor, shield, 3 weapon types, title, and player faces! Also find the Dark Panther player faces in the Limited-Time Shop, only available until April.

NEW! Golden Giftbox Cross-Game Extravaganza!

Golden Giftbox Cross-Game Extravaganza:
Over 50 items from all of your favorite AE games have been added to the Golden Giftboxes! Find amazing new items like Void of Nulgath, Judgement Bow, awesome player faces, plus much, much more!

NEW! SnuggleFest and Lorelympian Torch Returns!

SnuggleFest 2018:
It's that time of year when love fills the air and many of Lore's heroes need their own hero! Take on new challenges or revisit quests from the past 10 years. This year Captain Rhubarb and Elizabeth are somehow absent from the festivities, leaving Aquella very worried. Will you be able to discover who or what is behind their disappearance before SnuggleFest is ruined? Also be sure to stop by Warlic's shop and check out new and returning SnuggleFest faces to get you in the mood for amore!

Limited-Time Shop:
Carry the flame of a champion into battle as the Lorelypian Torch returns, now with Ranged/Melee/Magic versions! Only available during the Winter Olympics.

NEW! Starter pack!

New to the game or looking to make a new character? Need a jump on questing for adventure? Well we now have you covered with a new starter pack!

*All equipment is around level 50, but can be used by any level character

Guardian Upgrade Pricing - $10.00 for "ALT" characters!

We have changed the pricing on AQ Guardian upgrades to be:
$10 when upgrading additional characters on an account that already has at least one Guardian character.

That is a 50% discount on upgrading more characters on the same account!

NEW! Dark Panther Player Faces!

Don the helm of an advanced race of cat people! Only available until April.

NEW! March Z-Token Packages - Protoparagon MK2 and MK3 Sets!

March Z-Token Package - Protoparagon MK2 and MK3 Sets:
Power up with these amazing sets that feature an armor, *3 weapon types, shield, player face and title. Comes in Fire or Ice flavors!

*Due to in-game limitations, only 1 weapon can be added to your character automatically. Visit Ballyhoo's Shop to pick up your extra Protoparagon weapon.


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