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About WarpForce

The official expansion to the original AdventureQuest, created and run by the same team! Join the WarpForce and explore the galaxy while battling the evil alien force known as THE NETWORK. Login with your existing AdventureQuest account and create a new human, drakel, or elf character to begin your adventure. You can play a wide variety of BattleTypes including armored cannonwielder, witty space rogue, quick-fisted ninja, genius cyber tech and more. Level up, train your stats and obtain new weapons, pets, battlesuits, skills & techs!

Warpforce was built on the same engine as the original AdventureQuest. We are going to build 100 levels of adventure into the farthest reaches of space on an ongoing release schedule. Updates for expansions will not be weekly. I know you think we are crazy, but we are not THAT crazy! Expect WarpForce to have a major release and a level cap raise once per month in addition to AdventureQuest's weekly releases. Join us as a massive galaxy-shattering story unfolds!

Everyone can follow along with WarpForce's development and see screenshots and concept art here: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tt.asp?forumid=261