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It is a one time payment to become a WarpGuardian! It is not a monthly fee.

With new stuff added every month, WF is always expanding and always fun!

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Questions? Read all the information on this page, and see the official WarpGuardian FAQ


MEGA-SPECIAL WARPGUARDIAN Package For Guardians of Original AdventureQuest, Star Captains of MechQuest, Members of AdventureQuest Worlds, and DragonLords of DragonFable-- Only $9.95 USD!!! (A one-time only payment)

WARPGUARDIAN Package if you have not upgraded in any of our other games -
Only $19.95 USD (A one-time payment to be a WarpGuardian)


  • Enhanced Access to the Game
    • More Missions
    • More Battlesuits
    • More Weapons
    • More Pets and Skills & Techs
    • More Helmets, Gauntlets and other Items!
  • Level up Higher - As a WarpGuardian, you can play to whatever the current maximum level is!!
  • Bonus Gold - A one-time package of 500 extra gold pieces!
  • WarpGuardian Weapons - WarpGuardian Blade or WarpGuardian Blaster Rifle, depending on whether you choose Striker or Gunner class. These weapons have 6 awesome special attacks that they can perform, including Summon the WarpGuardian Dragon and Summon Death 2.0! You get this weapon automatically on your character, replacing your basic weapon!
  • WarpGuardian Battlesuit - Complete with a powerful built-in hand-cannon! You get this automatically on your character, replacing your basic armor!
  • WarpGuardian Helmet - Available in the WarpGuardian shop in the WG Tower, this increases your defenses!
  • Bonus Z-Tokens - A one-time bonus of 1000 Free Z-Tokens!
  • Potion Upgrade - Magic potions cannot be made in space, and are therefore EXTREMELY rare -- WarpGuardians start with 6 Health and 6 Mana potions!

Remember, it is a one time payment to become a WarpGuardian! It is not a monthly fee. If you have any questions, check our Official WarpGuardian FAQ first.

For Parents upgrading their child's account:

Please note, that by upgrading your under-13 child’s account, your child will be able to register with, and make posts on, the Artix Entertainment Message Board at http://forums2.battleon.com. While it is against our rules to post personally identifiable information on our forums and our Moderators enforce those rules, it is possible for your child to do so. Thus, if you would prefer that your child does not have access to the Message Board, please do not upgrade your child’s account.