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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem an Artix Upgrade Card?
If you currently have an Artix Account Login, please go to our Artix Entertainment portal web site and login.

If you already play HeroSmash or EpicDuel, you already have an Artix Account. Your HeroSmash and EpicDuel login is your Artix Login!

If you do not already have an Artix Account, please Register a new Artix Login. After you register a new Artix Account, you can link any existing AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest or AdventureQuest Worlds account to your Artix Account. You can also play and upgrade EpicDuel or HeroSmash characters on your Artix account.

Your Artix Account will receive Artix Points when redeeming your upgrade card. You can then spend your Points for any Artix game upgrade or in-game currency in any of our games. Go to the "My Games" page, and click the big yellow button for whichever game you want to spent your Artix Points in.
You can also view our Points FAQ here.

Does my upgrade card expire?
Your upgrade card does NOT expire. You can redeem it any time. We recommend using it as soon as you can after purchasing the card, so that you don't forgot about it, or lose your card!


What upgrades are available with my card?
Use your pre-paid upgrade card to purchase Artix Points! Then spend the Points on any Artix Entertainment game. You can purchase multiple cards, and collect as many points as you need to get the most powerful upgrades that you want!

Here is a list of some of the Artix game upgrades you can get by spending points:


Each of these cost 4000 Artix Points

  • AdventureQuest Guardian Upgrade + 1000 Bonus Z-Tokens
  • AdventureQuest X-Boost + 3000 Z-Tokens (to upgrade from Guardian to X-Guardian)
  • 6000 AdventureQuest Z-Tokens Refill
  • WarpForce WarpGuardian Upgrade + 5000 Bonus Z-Tokens
  • DragonFable Dragon Amulet + 200 DragonCoins
  • 5000 DragonFable DragonCoins Refill
  • DoomKnight Item
  • MechQuest Star Captain Upgrade + 200 Nova Gems
  • 5000 MechQuest Nova Gems Refill
  • DragonGuard Item
  • AdventureQuest Worlds Three Month Membership + 1000 AdventureCoins
  • 5000 AdventureCoins Refill
  • EpicDuel 2500 Varium
  • HeroSmash Three Month Membership + 1000 SmashCoins (shares membership with AQWorlds!)
  • 5000 SmashCoins Refill

Each of these cost 2000 Artix Points

  • AdventureQuest X-Boost (to upgrade from Guardian to X-Guardian)
  • WarpForce WarpGuardian Upgrade + 1000 Bonus Z-Tokens
  • 2500 AdventureQuest Z-Tokens Refill
  • 2500 WarpForce Z-Tokens Refill
  • 2000 DragonFable DragonCoins Refill
  • 2000 MechQuest Nova Gems Refill
  • 2000 AQWorlds AdventureCoins Refill
  • 2000 HeroSmash SmashCoins Refill

Each of these cost 7000 Artix Points

  • DragonFable Dragon Amulet Full Account + 2000 DragonCoins
  • MechQuest Star Captain Full Account + 2000 Nova Gems
  • EpicDuel 5000 Varium
  • AdventureQuest 12000 Z-Tokens Refill
  • DragonFable 12000 DragonCoins Refill
  • MechQuest 12000 Nova Gems Refill
  • AdventureCoins 10000 Refill

How do I play?
Head to the official website for the game you would like to play. Be sure to bookmark the site! You must have an existing game account, or create a new free account before you are able to use your upgrade card!

Are cards available in other countries?
We currently partner with other companies to provide cash or pre-paid card payment solutions:

  • Xsolla includes many card payment methods from around the world.
  • Rixty and MOLPoints in many countries.
  • OpenBucks (Subway Cards) in the U.S. and Canada
  • PayGarden (other major brand gift cards) in the U.S.
  • Cherry Credits in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Australia


Available now in the United States at the following stores:



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