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Vampire Slayer Quest

Just before the great war between Vampires and Werewolves began... a stranger arrived in town. He is a legendary hunter of the undead. Rumor has it that he sensed a gathering of great evil which prompted him to dump his girlfriend Buffy and head towards the small town of Battleon. His name is E... VampireSlayer E, and he is looking to share his talents, skills, and killer wardrobe with adventurers brave enough to hunt the night. With this... we proudly announce AdventureQuest's second character class.... are you ready to become a Vampire Slayer?

Vampire Slayer In-Game Screenshot!

If you are worried about being stuck as a Vampire Slayer with all the new classes that will be coming out nextů don't be! We think role-playing should be fun and you should be allowed to choose whether or not you're going to play a pure magic wielding mage, or multi-class into the ultimate leveling machine! Classes in Adventure Quest will depend on which armor you're wearing at the time and the level of your class will be tracked independently. For example, you could be a level 40 character that is also a level 5 Dragon Slayer, a level 3 Necromancer, and a level 10 Paladin. All you have to do to switch your class is switch your armor. Design and play your character the way you want to!

Each class can have up to 10 special abilities. This means that a mage can have up to 10 more spells, in addition to the 8 normal ones. Typically, a special ability will be unlocked each time you level. There will be class specific weapons that will work in conjunction with armor or be required for these special abilities. For example, there will be special mage staves that will determine the damage of the spells that you will be casting. Each class armor will have a special menu built into it, allowing you to access the special moves, just like the Dragon Slayer menu above (Yes, that's actually the attack menu!).

There's been a lot of buzz about this on the boards, so I hope you don't mind me speaking candidly on the subjectů we're about to release some of the most powerful, best-looking, and coolest armors and skills in the game. We've had a lot of talks about how we could end up shooting ourselves in the foot if we make all the best stuff free (Because then there would be no reason to support the game). The entire staff feels exactly the same: we would like everything to be free, but at the same time we don't want to run ourselves out of business doing it. So we came up with the 50/50 compromise. This means that if you're not able to support the game, for whatever reason, you're still going to be able to play and experience all the different classes, but you'll only be able to level up halfway. If you are a Guardian, you will be able to master all of the classes we release all the way to level 10. Considering there are over 300 monsters, massive number of weapons, spells, pets, items and frequent new events all for free, everyone should be happy. It is because of of those of you who have supported the game by becoming a Guardian that all of this is possible. It is an extremely small price for everything that you get now, and will get in the future.

There is no limit to the total number of classes we can create for AdventureQuest. If you have good ideas please do post them on the message board! Below is a short list of classes we would like to begin work on:

- Necromancer (Spells focus on powering Skeletal pets)
- Paladin (Strong vs Undead and Evil)
- Mage (... and elemental subclasses)
- Ninja (w/ Ninja powers... of course!)
- Beast Master (Can change pets in the middle of battle)
- Assassin (Two words: Back... Stab....)
- Cleric (Need a rez!)
- Martial Artist (Because everyone needs a glowing yellow afro)
- Summoner (Needs friends? Summon one!)
- Bard (AQ Karaoke!)
- Shapeshifter (Bring out your inner beast!)
- Knight, Rogue, Archer, Enchanter, more... more... more....
- More... more... more....

Battle on!
Artix & The AQ Team

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The Vampire Slayer Quest is ready!

Update on Quest Progress

- Vampire Slayer Armor 100%
- Vampire Slayer NPC 100%
- Vampre Slayer WitchBlade 100%
- Vampire Slayer Quest 100%
- Turn Undead Spell 100%
- Huntragon Pet 100%


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